i.MX28 based System On Module – GHITA

Embien offers i. MX28 based SoM GHITA- a low-power, high-performance application processor from the processor family NXP i.MX28 ARM926EJ-S™ core. GHITA module is a fast and power efficient applications processor, essential for the optimization of embedded industrial and consumer markets. This i.MX28 based SoM GHITA is suitable for applications such as: Factory Robotics Display, Industrial drive, PLC, I/O Control Display, Portable Medical Devices, Smart-energy meters, Hand-held scanners and printers, etc.,
  • CPU name – i. MX283, i.MX287 NXP
  • CPU type –ARM926EJ-S
  • Cores – x1
  • CPU Clock – 454 MHz

i.MX28 based – GHITA module is a low-power, flexible platform that enables real-time responsiveness and a higher level of system integrity to consumer, automotive and industrial applications. GHITA module is based on a processor that integrates power management with a rich set of peripherals thus providing: Extensive levels of integration, High-definition video capabilities, and interface flexibility.

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