Smart IoT Gateway Development Platform

i.MX6ULL/ i.MX28/ AM335X Based Smart IoT Gateway Development Platform offers a cost-effective processor application which is compatible with DIN (EN 60715) mounting enclosure and belongs to the product family of IoT Gateway and Devices. This module simplifies the process of integration and brings together the building blocks for secure, production- ready IoT systems. It is used to collect, control and transfer collected data (or) information from various components such as: solar power box, smart sensors etc.,
Isolated Input
  • Number of input- 2
  • Type-Inverted digital logic
  • Thresholds-0-2,4V High; 2,5- 24V
  • Low
  • Isolation-3,75KV rms
  • Protection-68 V DC
Isolated Output
  • Number of Output- 2
  • Type- Transistor Open Collector (without pull up)
  • Isolation- 3,75KV rms
  • Protection- 68 V DC
Non Isolated I/O
  • Number-5
  • Type- Digital configurable Input and Output
  • Type of logic- 3,3V TTL
  • Protection- ESD Diode protected
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IMX6ULL/ i.MX28/ AM335X Based Smart IoT Gateway module offers a set of varied peripherals such as: Isolated CAN Bus, Isolated RS485, LAN, Standard Serial Interfaces, Resistive Touch Panel, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Module, 3G/LTE etc., These modules integrate additional features that support a variety of markets from HMI, IoT Gateway and Devices to Industrial Automation and Telematics. They offer seamless cloud connectivity, high wireless throughput, integrated dual-mode Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity along with a unified programming experience to control the system.

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