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With extensive experience in working with high precision sensors, transducers, PLC's and HMIs, we offer custom industrial automation services that enable companies to meet their Industry 4.0 objectives.

Industrial Automation Services

Embien – We engineer IIoT enabled smart industries

Earlier, increasing productivity and reducing costs were considered to be the main objectives behind automation. But today, with the surge of industry 4.0, the focus of automation has shifted to increasing the quality & flexibility of industrial control systems and manufacturing process.This has led companies to face challenges related to adapting new technologies for existing machineries and models.
At Embien, we offer customized industrial automation services that include the automation and integration of production lines, tracking equipment availability and utilization, performance optimization, predictive maintenance, increasing safety, etc., We combine industrial IoT, automation technologies and cloud computing to offer a smart and self-optimizing industrial facility to clients across the globe with minimal impact on the existing infrastructure.

Our Competence

Automation Technology

Wireless enabling devices, Application Software Development, SCADA Application and customization, High speed data acquisition and monitoring system

Product Design

MCU, MPU & RTOS based controller systems ,Gateway & protocol convertor for data monitoring, DAQ Devices, Android HMI’s, High Precision Instrument Designs

Industrial Protocols

Profibus, PROFINET, Modbus RTU/TCP, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, HART, BACnet, DLMS

Communication Systems

IIoT Ready technologies like WLAN, Ethernet, RS232,RS485, CAN, ZigBee, Bluetooth, RFID etc.,

Industrial Automation Services - Why Choose us?

The success of industry 4.0 lies in the effective implementation of smart factory automation services & usage of data. With deep domain expertise, Embien engineers state-of-art product designs that enhance the automation / integration of product lines, and analyze data across machines with increased efficiency. Our expert engineers have developed protocol stacks for various industrial protocols & have created numerous HMI systems that establish easy interaction between human & machines. Embien’s rich partner ecosystem for SCADA programming, PLC setup and programming, interfacing HMI with PLC helps us provide smart factory automation solutions and advanced industrial control systems that adds value to our engagement.

At Embien, we have been pioneering remote management of machines for over a decade even before the IoT concept gained popularity. We have developed remote monitoring & controlling of industrial equipment’s over multiple channels of communication - installed in various sites across the globe. With failsafe features, our designs can monitor parameters and store them locally so that they can be retrieved later, once online. Our speciality includes developing solutions that enable retrofitting as it significantly reduces the upfront costs and offers smoother transitions.


Our Credentials

We hold profound expertise in working with various industrial automation projects that include:

  • Remote Cell Tower Management System deployed across Germany
  • Production Management System for leading Tier II Automotive OEM
  • Industrial Protocol Gateway for leading European Drives Manufacturers
  • Solar Inverter accessories and String Monitoring Systems.
  • Numerous HMIs used across a variety of industries.
  • Sensor and Meter Calibration System for OEMs
  • Monitoring and Control Systems for Flow Measurement Devices
  • Remote PLC Management tool including programming and control
  • Different Industrial Gateways
  • Water Quality Analysis Systems

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