IoT Cloud Platform Services

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IoT Cloud Platform- an overview

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IoT Platforms have become an integral part of IoT solutions as they bring together the capabilities of IoT Devices and Cloud computing, over end-to-end platforms. From creating and managing applications, to storing and securing data and deriving actionable insights, an IoT platform helps organizations generate value in far more ways than practically possible. Finding the right IoT platform among a crowded IoT space is not an easy task, but Embien does that for you with ease. We let you identify secured cloud platforms with the right components and infrastructure that ensure smooth implementation of IoT Solutions. Our expert engineers work on multiple platforms by employing protocols that are designed to run on both premises and servers.

IoT Cloud Integration Services

To keep pace with this changing world, developers have started incorporating cloud platforms for data storage and analysis. Contemporary technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Data analysis, Web/mobile app hosting etc., are in need of a powerful computing platform.

Integrating IoT devices and wearables with traditionally owned and cloud based enterprise data has become a very important factor for organizations to make sound business decisions. Embien provides IoT platform integration services that connect enterprise data across various nodes to create a holistic, contextual view of operational and user data. Our experts help you integrate your strategies with existing landscape to find better results that sync one with your business goals.


IoT Application Development Services

IoT provides opportunities from easing everyday life to setting core values for smooth business operations by using end devices that have the potential to transfer data to a central location or server application. This is typically based on cloud, running an IoT application which is responsible for: collecting data, running algorithms, taking decisions and communicating commands to IoT devices.

At Embien, we use the most advanced technologies and proficiencies to deliver the expected business outcome. We have executed numerous application development services on top IoT Cloud Platforms such as: M2M Cloud Platform, Azure IoT, AWS IoT Core, Thingsboard, Thingworx, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud etc.,Our services have enabled customers gather and analyze large amount of sensor data in a more secured and reliable manner.

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