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Wearable/IoT Design Services

Develop smart wearable devices with multiple sensor technologies

IoT Connectivity and Gateway Services

Enable seamless communication between sensors, cloud and controllers

IoT Cloud Applications

Manage and evaluate data with different modules and implementation platforms

Data Analytics

Analyze and optimize business performance with a profound expertise

Internet of Things - Under one Roof

Embien - Connecting Possibilities

With the rise of IoT, it is expected that more than 20 billion devices will be connected to the internet, paving way to the change in lifestyle. When devices begin to represent themselves digitally, they tend to obtain the feature of being controlled from anywhere. This feature assists in capturing data from various places and ensures an increased level of efficiency.

Embien, being a proficient in the IoT development sector with a rich background in embedded systems, cuts through the hype with a realistic approach to the Internet of Things and assists its customers in leveraging existing equipments and data to make the most out of the current technology investments. Embien has the ability to implement turnkey embedded software development projects for new products, and equip discrete services for the existing ones. We couple up factors that abridge the physical dimensions and the overall product development life cycle to meet the stringent timelines and market requirements.

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