IoT Gateway and Connectivity Services

From integrating the right communication protocols to choosing the best-fit platform, we provide comprehensive IoT services to our clients.

IoT Gateway and Connectivity - An Overview

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With the upsurge of IoT, businesses tend to face the challenge of integrating a multitude of devices and protocols that vary in terms of connectivity, bandwidth and power requirements.With the deployment of IoT Gateways, devices and protocols have acquired the interoperability that makes integration easy. IoT Gateways also connect with legacy and new systems. They enable a seamless and secure data flow between edge devices and the cloud.

At Embien, we offer IoT Gateway and connectivity services to securely communicate, process, aggregate, and translate sensor data and protocols from the edge of the cloud. We assist in accelerating your time to market by providing a ready-to-use gateway software stack that can be deployed on any hardware.

Our Expertise

Smart Design

Adopt the right technologies based on power, range and pricing requirements.


Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), ZigBee, WiFi, LoRaWan, 6LoWPAN, Linklabs etc.

Cloud Platforms

Amazon AWS, Google AppEngine, Microsoft Azure, IBM BlueMix or proprietary PHP/MongoDB based custom servers

Supported Protocols

CoAP, LWM2M, HTTP, REST, MQTT, AMQP, STOMP, DDS, Thread, Google Protobufs, UDP etc

Accelerated Gateway Development

Develop customized solutions using Intel Atom based designs, NXP iMX based ARM platforms

Mobile App Gateway

Enable network security through Smart phones when involved with BLE connectivity.

IoT Communication Technologies and Protocol

In the world of IoT, end devices are the source of information. They generally collect, process and filter data and transmit them to a central server application using different communication interfaces and protocols.The underlying requirements define the selection of communication and protocols to be supported during the IoT device development. Embien has the expertise to choose the best communication technologies and protocols that meets your needs.

With growing emphasis on IoT security, our engineers tamper-proof the data flow between the end device and cloud. We ensure that the data is delivered to an authorized party and the incoming data is being read from a pre-provisioned source. Since the rise of IoT, we have also incorporated a many other popular IoT Communication Technologies and Protocols such as: TCP, Bluetooth Classic, BLE, Z-wave, simpliciTI, WirelessHART, SigFox, NFC, Web Sockets etc., in our device designs.


IoT Gateway Design

In many cases, the in-built connectivity feature available in IoT devices, for example: BLE in fitness trackers might be insufficient to push data to the cloud. This calls for a gateway to establish effective connectivity and handle different IoT Communication Technologies and Protocols. Another challenge is the lack of widely adopted standards, that each sensor node can communicate with a different protocol that is not compatible for others. During such scenarios, IoT Gateways act as a savior in enabling inter-device communication.

Designing and developing diverse connectivity features for a gateway is indeed a challenging task but Embien has been taking up this challenge repeatedly and has also accomplished it successfully. At Embien, we design IoT Gateway devices with simple yet extensible features that help users extend and customize the gateway according to their needs.

Create a Seamless and Secure data flow between devices

Smart IoT Gateway Development Platform

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