IoT Product Development Services

Design and develop the next generation of smart wearables and IoT devices

IoT Product Development Services

IoT devices and smart wearables increase convergence between the physical and digital world using sensors and actuators that assist in interacting with the environment around them. Forming a ubiquitous part, IoT devices allow sharing of information from and to a multitude of interconnected system data streams that could be used to extract intelligence. These IoT product developments also bring complex backend structure of systems to the end-user in a simple way.

Over the last few years, smart watches, fitness bands, machine health monitors, vehicle tracking systems, medical devices, pet activity trackers, pet-to-human translators etc. have become popular as they are more compact and accessible to customers in different market segments. At Embien, with our IoT product development services, we design IoT devices, wearables and applications that work with your current assets & systems and assist in acquiring data for improving operational efficiency. Our IoT device engineering also leverage advanced technologies such as Artificial intelligence and Machine learning (MI/ML) for better automation and higher productivity.

IoT Product Development Services

IoT Device Engineering Expertise



Developed devices using: ARM, 8051 from TI, NXP, Renesas, SoC, SIP, FOTA Upgrade, Wireless Connectivity, Secure, Nordic with Display + Touch on Flexible PCB’s



Predictive maintenance, NLP, Sleep Detection, Person Counting, Self-Calibration, Video Analytics, Activity tracking, Fall Detection, Zoning, Object Detection, Recommendations etc.,



Accelerometer, Heart Rate Sensor, PPG, SpO2, Occupancy Sensor, IAQ, Flow Sensor, Lux Sensor, Temperature sensor, pH, Compass, Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) etc.


UI/UX Design

Accessible and power optimized designs with various battery chemistries for: Technicians, Field Application Engineers, Industrial workers, the Elderly, and autistic patients

Smart Wearables Design Offerings

Embien specializes in smart wearables design and development handling each aspect of it. Our in-house IoT device engineering team and partner ecosystem can incorporate advanced sensors, integrated hardware, and mechanical aspects, enable wireless BLE/RF connectivity, optimize them for low power. We also provide impeccable user experience with these devices. Our credentials include Smartwatches, fitness trackers, connected jewelry, smart hearing aids, wristbands, activity monitors etc.

Apart from smart wearables design, our team also specializes in wearable application design for smart devices as well. We consider the unique requirements of the small screen design and interaction area and optimize the UI/UX accordingly. We also create apps for Augmented Reality glasses and Virtual Reality headsets creating a realistic experience for various industrial applications. Our extensive experience and multi-domain knowledge help you take advantage of next generation of digital technology for your business success.

Smart Wearables Design Offerings

Want to develop smart devices to provide a convenient user experience for your customers?Embien's IoT product development services for smart wearables design and IoT device engineering

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