i.MX6 based System on Module – LEILA

Embien offers high performance i.MX6 based SoM- LIELA from the processor family NXP i.MX6 ARM Cortex™-A9 for faster multimedia focused applications. With extreme peripheral integration, LEILA supports industry latest – high performance interfaces such as: PCIe Gen2, SATA 3.0, HDMI 1.4,DSI and 64 Bit-DDR3 interfaces. The i.MX6 based SoM LEILA is suitable for applications such as Industrial HMI, Video and Navigation, Portable Medical Devices, Home Energy Management Systems and Intelligent Industrial Control Systems.
  • CPU name - i.MX6 NXP
  • CPU type - Cortex™-A9 MPCore™
  • Cores - x1,x2,x4
  • CPU Clock (Max) - 1.2 GHz
  • HDMI - v1.4 1920 x 1080
  • LVDS - Dual 1920 x 1200 24-bit
  • DSI - 1920 x 1200 24-bit
  • 2D/3D Graphics Acceleration - Vivante™ GC2000 Accelerated 2D and 3D
  • Video Encode / Decode - 1080p60 H.264 Decode, 1080p30 H.264 Encode
  • Camera Interfaces - 1x CSI, 2x CPI
  • RAM - 256 - 4096 MB DDR3
  • eMMC - FROM 4 to 64Gbyte
  • NOR - SPI 16Mbyte
Mechanical specifications
  • Dimensions - 71x55mm
Electrical specifications
  • Power supply - 5V (3,6V optional)
  • Consumption - TBD
Environmental Specifications
  • Commercial temperature (0 to 70°C) - Available
  • Extended temperature (-20 to 70°C) - Available
  • Industrial temperature (-40 to 85°C) - Available
  • Minimum availability - 2028
Block Diagram
Dev kit
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The superior performance of i.MX6 based SoM – LEILA is ideal for fast emerging applications such as Internet-of-Things (IoT), as well as other portable and battery operated embedded systems. It provides a new level of multimedia performance for an unbounded next-generation user experience. LEILA Module supports industrial operations targeting embedded applications and can be used for customer evaluation, development and end-product mass production.


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