AM335x SoM MIREA NET processor offered from the proven Texas Instruments processor family Sitara™AM335x ARM Cortex™-A8 is ideal for Industrial Communication Systems and it supports high level operating systems (HLOS). The presence of PRU-ICSS protocol in the AM335x based Sodimm - MIREA NET provides flexibility in implementing fast, real-time responses. MIREA NET module is suitable for applications such as: Home and Industrial Appliances, Connected Vending Machines, Smart Toll Information System, Portable Diagnostic Devices, Gaming Peripherals etc.,
  • CPU Name – Texas Instruments AM335x Sitara™ Family
  • CPU Type – ARM® Cortex™-A8
  • Cores – x1
  • CPU Clock – up to 1GHz
  • PRU – The PRU and application software for AM3359 is available
  • Parallel- X1 16Bit
  • 2D/3D Graphic accelerator- x1
  • RAM – 512MB DDR3L
  • eMMC- FROM 4 to 64 GB
  • NAND– 256/ 512 MB
Mechanical specifications
  • Dimensions (W x L x H)- 67.6x 36.58mm
Electrical specifications
  • Module Power Supply – 5V, 1-3W depending upon the configuration
  • I/O Power Supply – 1.8V – 3.3V
Environmental Specifications
  • Commercial Temperature Range (0° to 70°) - Available
  • Extended temperature (-20° to 70°) - Available
  • Industrial temperature (-40° to 85°) - Available
  • Minimum availability – 2028
Block Diagram

The superior performance of the AM335x based Sodimm - MIREA NET is ideal for Industrial Communication System. The presence of PRU - ICSS protocol engine- an industrial software package enables real - time industrial communication. MIREA NET module also supports ETHERCAT - an industrial ethernet, which makes MIREA NET a better choice for Industrial Applications.

With its extensive connectivity feature, AM335x based Sodimm - MIREA NET offers connected vending machines - a flexible and scalable solution that includes both software & data analytics to interpret sensor data & withstand tampering & soft errors in harsh environments.

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