AM335X Sodimm based SoM– MIREA NET

AM335X based Sodimm MIREA NET processor offered by Embien from the proven Texas Instruments processor family Sitara™AM335x ARM Cortex™-A8 supports high level operating systems (HLOS). The programmable nature of the PRU-ICSS provides flexibility in implementing fast, real-time responses. MIREA NET module delivers high performance in a small form factor and is ideal for M2M / IoT applications. This module is suitable for applications such as: Gaming Peripherals, Educational Consoles, Smart Toll Systems, Connected Vending Machines, Weighing Scales etc.,
  • CPU Name – Texas Instruments AM335x Sitara™ Family
  • CPU Type – ARM® Cortex™-A8
  • Cores – x1
  • CPU Clock – up to 1GHz
  • PRU – The PRU and application software for AM3359 is available

AM335X based Sodimm MIREA NET provides M2M wireless solutions that allow the user to send, monitor and manage remote data and equipments through a wireless GPRS, or HSUPA internet-based communication system. MIREA NET module enables users to: Measure and control assets, Connect end-users to devices, provide communication infrastructure for remote machines, control and manage machines via internet etc.,

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