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Mission critical embedded systems

Since its inception Embien has been working with various partners and OEMs in the field of mission critical embedded systems development especially in the defense sector. The need for very complex yet reliable systems with built in redundancy calls for specific skillset such as on that is being possessed by Embien. With our rich domain knowledge combined with technical expertise, we are consistently delivering on the same. Our FPGA team is highly specialized in developing complex systems that involved high speed data acquisition, simultaneous data processing, video support and integration.

At Embien, we provide customized defense electronics design services covering hardware design, system software development, Optics and Opto-mechanical designs, LIDAR, RADAR & Signal Processing Applications, GUI applications, testing and validation, production support and deployment and ensure high - quality product conformance with immense efficiency.

Defense electronics development expertise


  • Hardware development
  • IP Integration
  • Video Encoding / Decoding
  • Test Jig Development for MIL grade systems
  • Camera Driver Development


  • CEMILAC certification
  • MIL-STD-461E based hardware designs
  • High-redundancy systems design
  • Functiona Safety Expertise
  • CE/UL Certifications

Technology Expertise

  • High Speed Analog Designs
  • HD Image and Video Processing
  • Multi-FPGA Parallel Signal Processing
  • Nvidia CUDA Expertise
  • Jetson Platform based development


  • Optics Manufacturers
  • Allied Engineering
  • Pre-compliance lab Certifications
  • Production Units
  • Testing labs

MIL standard development success stories

With strong electronics design capabilities and enhanced Optics/opto-mechanics design skillset, Embien has supported customers in various MIL standard development activities such as

  • Development of multi-axial Gimbal Systems
  • High Speed Data Acquisition Cards designs for simultaneous signal processing.
  • Optics and Opto-mechanics designs for MIR LIDAR and Passive FTIR Spectrometer Systems
  • Heads Up Displays (HUDs) and Customized Cockpits Graphics user interface application design for Fighter Aircraft and Ground Systems
  • GPS Anti-Jamming Device design based on Xilinx’s Artix-7 series FPGA
  • Dual MIPI CSI-2 Camera Support based on Lattice Crosslink family FPGA with Jetson TX1 Module
  • Multi-channel Video stitching for UAVs
  • Hypervisor support for resource partitioning in high precision systems
  • Numerous algorithm development, porting and optimization activities.

We have done a lot of consulting work on mission critical embedded systems and defense electronics as well.

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