Ready-to-use automotive apps & industrial apps

Mobile apps have become part of our lives and businesses. We have become used to the mobile phone so much that it has become the preferred way of communication to other party - whether it is a human being or a machine. As a result, all the OEMs need to provide a way for interfacing mobile app to their products to enable better interaction with the user. With electronic devices, it is always a challenge, and it needs a special skill set to tackle the challenges of limited computing resources, limited debugging tools and limited deployment options. Further, knowledge of the application domain is very much needed to handle the complexities.

At Embien, we hold a rich portfolio of working across devices like Android, Phone/iPads, Windows etc. and integrating them to customer electronic devices over Wi-Fi, BLE, and internet connectivity. With in-depth understanding of both sides, we assist our customers in building user–friendly mobile applications with engaging visuals, integrating them seamlessly to their products and help optimize business prospects effectively. Embien provides white-label mobile apps for some of the popular use cases for OEMs to quickly customize and deploy them.


Our white-label Mobile Apps

Smart Automotive Manager - Connected mobility app

Targeted for two-wheelers and Electric Vehicles, the ready-to-use automotive app can communicate over Bluetooth, BLE and Wi-Fi and offers rich functionalities like Turn-By-Turn navigation, Map Mirroring, Incoming Call Notifications, Music Player etc.

BLE Suite – BLE scanner and profile manager

The ready-to-customize industrial app offers rich functionality for working BLE based devices such as scanner, profile manager, characteristics reader, writer, notifier and data visualizer. It can perform secure OTA Firmware update on to embedded devices

DAQSuite - A versatile android data logger and controller

DAQ Suite is designed to address the entire chain of Data acquisition, device management and GSM based relay control. It enables allows quick commissioning, configuration, and management of multiple devices from the same application interface

Looking for feature-rich customizable ready-to-use automotive apps and industrial apps?Avail our Best in class white-label mobile apps today!

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