RAPIDSEA Modbus Protocol Stack

Best Modbus master stack and Modbus slave stack for industrial process automation

Modbus master stack and Modbus slave stack

Modbus is one of the most widely used industrial protocol stacks. As an open-standard, this protocol has been used for major industrial process automation over many decades. Modbus can work in Server and Client mode (Modbus master & Modbus slave) and is used in products such as PLCs, Variable Speed Drives, HMIs, Data Acquisition systems etc.

Embien offers Modbus protocol Stack for both use in server and client configurations in accordance to the Modbus Application Protocol Specification V1.1. Our Modbus master stack and Modbus slave stack implementation supports all the function codes defined by the protocol and supports extension via APIs too. Physical layers supported include RTU, ASCII and TCP/IP.

Features of RAPIDSEA Modbus protocol stack

Some of the salient features of RAPIDSEA Modbus Stack are

  • Misra compliant ANSI-C Implementation
  • Single/Multiple Read/Write functionalities
  • Coils/Holding Registers and Input Registers
  • Server and Client Mode of operation
  • Royalty Free Licensing Model
  • Highly Optimized for MCU’s
  • Uses less amount of RAM and ROM
  • Designed for Bare metal, RTOS and full fledged OS

Ports are available for all major embedded platforms including Renesas, NXP, TI, Microchip MCUs etc. The lwip modbus stack port is as effective as running the stack on .NET/Linux platforms.

No code Modbus RS232, Modbus RS485 and Modbus TCP Configuration

In addition to the stack, Embien also offers no code development using Flint where the Modbus register address to be supported/accessed can be defined using Flint Editor and downloading the code on to the target will start working as the server/client. Extensive configurations such as Baud rates, Data Formats, IP address, etc. are supported. Modbus RTU gateway, Modbus RTU to Ethernet/IP, Ethernet/IP to Modbus TCP Protocol converters can be quickly developed using this approach. For more details, refer to Flint System Configurator page.

Want a no-code Modbus master stack and Modbus slave stack?
Try our RAPIDSEA Modbus protocol stack now!

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