Multimedia Frameworks Training

This training provides engineers with the necessary deisgn tools and techniques to successfully implement multimedia on their embedded systems and create an awesome UX.

The rapid growth of multimedia and the effect of its applications in human life has increased the necessity to support multimedia in embedded systems.

At Embien, we are familiar with the fact that even experienced professionals find it difficult to understand the complex concepts behind the process of supporting multimedia. Of various multimedia frameworks available, Gstreamer is the most extensive and modular, though with a steep learning curve. Hence, we provide superior multimedia frameworks training with GStreamer to support & develop plug-ins and link a wide variety of media processing systems that complete complex workflows.

Multimedia Frameworks Training – An Overview

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Multimedia Frameworks Training and Development Course

This Multimedia Frameworks Training workshop is specially designed with in-depth concepts, coupled with methods to integrate multimedia capabilities in systems. The target audience for this course are

  • Experienced embedded engineers moving to multimedia
  • Application developers working on UX
  • Driver/Firmware engineers working on various MM technologies
  • Those looking for advanced concepts about media
  • System architects
In this workshop, GStreamer, a popular multimedia framework is taken as a reference along with various MM technologies to provide a qualified hand- on training. This customizable course content offers a value - added Exploration & Experience session wherein the trainees will be shown existing implementation and will be asked to explain and execute the same on target platforms.


Course Syllabus

Course Duration : 2 to 4 days

Display Subsystem
  • Human Vision
  • Display Devices & Interfaces
  • Frame Buffer & LCD Controller
  • Display Drivers
  • Explore - Linux DD for OMAP3
  • Experience - Draw a Line
Image Formats and Rendering
  • Raster Vs Vector
  • Windowing Sub-system
  • Windowing in Embedded Systems
  • Experience - Show A BMP File
  • Explore - Analyze a SVG File
  • GPU Usage in Multimedia
Audio Subsystem
  • Perception of Sound
  • Audio System
  • Audio Controller and Interfaces
  • ALSA - Features and APIs
  • Explore - sysfs
  • Experience - Play Files
Audio Formats
  • Encoding
  • Audio Encoding
  • Audio Formats
  • Decoder Libraries
  • Encoder Libraries
  • Experience - MP3 Decoding
ALSA Driver and Encoding
  • ALSA Driver Modules
  • Writing ALSA Drivers
  • Explore - ALSA Audio Driver
  • Audio Recording
  • Experience - MP3 Encoding
  • DSP's and Audio
Media Streaming
  • Streaming Contents
  • RTSP Protocol
  • Streaming Considerations
  • Adaptive Bit-rate Streaming
  • Experience - Playing from Remote Server
Video and Decoding
  • Human Visual Perception
  • Video Formats
  • UI Toolkits
  • Experience - SDL Application
  • Back to FFMPEG
  • Experience - FFMPEG Decode
Video Capture
  • Video Capture - Overview
  • Video Capture in Linux
  • V4L2 Architecture
  • V4L2 Driver Considerations
  • V4L2 Applications
  • Experience - V4L2 Capture App
  • Gstreamer - Introduction
  • Features and Concepts
  • Development Tools
  • Experience - Streamer Tools
  • Creating Application
  • Experience - Gstreamer Audio Player
GStreamer Advanced Concepts
  • Buffers, Events and Queries
  • Messages and Meta Data
  • Clocks, Threads and Auto Plugging
  • Experience - Adv. Audio Player
  • Streaming
  • Experience - Web Audio Player
Gstreamer Plug-in
  • Gstreamer - Plug-in Concepts
  • Plug-in Development
  • Types, Pads and Events
  • Buffers and Chaining
  • Experience - Pass Through Plug-in
Gstreamer Plug-in Development
  • Experience - Audio Pass Through
  • Pads and Events - Advanced
  • Threads and Memory
  • Gstreamer - Optimization
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Experience - Full Pipeline

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