Multimedia on embedded systems - An Overview

Technology has become an inevitable aspect of our day-to-day life; consumers have begun to demand seamless audio-video experiences in both indoor and outdoor environments. Feature-rich real-time multimedia systems and solutions are the reason behind this trend. While smartphone manufacturers adapt themselves to the same, others continue to face challenges that concern performance, quality, power efficiency, etc. and must be addressed with due diligence.

Embien delivers reliable solutions to complex multimedia related challenges with its profound expertise in audio, video, and image processing. Our expert engineers hold rich experience with multimedia on embedded systems by working with all major standards & diverse platform architectures that include ARM/RISC/x86 cores, DSPs, GPUs, accelerators, and FPGAs, etc., embedded Gstreamer framework, and can offer a spectrum of multimedia services across creation, transmission, and consumption life cycle.

Multimedia on embedded systems

Embedded OS/Linux kernel porting - Embien Advantage


Hardware Expertise

Interfaces: ADV7280, TFP410, ADV8005, ADV7482, ADV7842
Processors: NXP iMx, Renesas R-Car, Nvidia Tegra, Xilinx
Connectivity: Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi, Ethernet AVB, FlexRay


GStreamer Expertise

Streaming: WebRTC, RTP, RTPC, SRTP, Adaptive, MPEG2 TS etc
Integration: OpenCV, Android, Yocto, OpenMAX, AppSink
Customization: Custom Sources & Sinks on Xilinx, Nvidia


Embedded Frameworks

GStreamer, DirectShow, MFT, Stagefright, AudioFlinger
Linux - PulseAudio, ALSA, V4L2
Android Multimedia subsystem


Coders and Decoders

Audio: MP3, WMA, AAC, Dolby, DTS
Video: HEVC, H264/H265, Google VP, MPEG 1/2/4, Theora

Our Embedded GStreamer and Multimedia Credentials

Embien provides an infrastructure for building multimedia computing platforms that support multimedia applications and deal with real-time based media in a heterogeneous environment. We have developed a specialized embedded GStreamer expertise having developed numerous systems based on open-source technology. Our hardware expertise includes HDMI to CSI Conversion, CameraLink to CSI, blending multiple video formats with Intel/Xilinx/Lattice and Microsemi FPGAs, interfacing specialized cards to iMx8, iMx6 and Nvidia Xavier, Tegra TX2, TX1 & TK1 processors. Some of our credentials are as follows:

  • Video Doorbell with Ingenic T31
  • Network Video recorder (NVR) with RZ/V2L
  • Data acquisition on Tegra SoCs over MIPI from custom video cards
  • HDMI to MIPI conversion with AD7482 etc.
  • Dynamic format conversion/blending with Intel FPGAs
  • CameraLink to CSI bridging with Lattice FPGAs
  • 3D Graphics rendering & VoIP, SIP, Skype
  • Digital signages, Car Infotainment systems Industrial HMIs, Note Takers IP TV, Ophthalmological Applications for vision testing etc.,
  • OpenMax Plugins - Development layer (DL), Integration layer (IL) and Application layer (AL)
  • Live555 multimedia framework

In addition to these, our experts have conducted numerous training programs and consultancy on embedded multimedia technologies and embedded GStreamer.

Embedded GStreamer Experise and Credentials

Seeking reliable partners to embark on your multimedia on embedded systems journey towards digital transformation?Our embedded multimedia team is well-equipped to deliver custom solutions tailored to the unique needs and goals of our clients.

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