Embien's NVIDIA embedded platform expertise

Proven expertise in Jetson/Tegra platforms covering driver and algorithm developments

Embien – NVIDIA embedded platform expertise

NVIDIA offers some of the most powerful AI/ML enabled embedded platforms that has more than thousands of GPUs. Embien has rich experience in working with NVIDIA platforms beginning from the early Tegra TK1 to the latest Orin NX devices. Our NVIDIA embedded platform expertise spans carrier board development, camera/display driver development, BSP porting, Secure boot and FOTA updates, CUDA optimization and FPGA interfacing.

NVIDIA Devices and Technologies - Embien Expertise



  • Jetson Orin NX
  • Jetson Orin AGX
  • Jetson Orin Nano
  • Jetson Nano



  • Jetson Xavier
  • Jetson TX2
  • Jetson TX1
  • Tegra TK1



  • PCIe
  • SDI and HDMI



  • CUDA
  • GStreamer
  • Linux4Tegra
  • Deepstream

Software and Algorithm Development

Graphics pipeline optimization

Platform: NVIDIA Jetson Xavier

Description: For a customer product with multiple camera inputs, graphics processing and output rendering, Embien worked to optimize the entire pipeline to achieve very short processing time. Re-writing some of the core drivers, removing unnecessary memory copy operations and enabling direct memory access by GPUs, we were able to achieve very small glass to glass latency.

Algorithm Porting to CUDA

Platform: NVIDIA Tegra TX2

Description: With rich experience in algorithm development, Embien reorganized some algorithms written in C and Python to CUDA, leveraging the massive number of GPUs available in the Jetson platforms. Our team carefully studied the algorithm provided by the customer and restructured to CUDA kernels in order to utilize the parallel execution capability and significantly improved the system performance.

360° Object Tracking Image Stitching

Platform: NVIDIA Jetson Nano

Description: A triple-camera based device design with 360 ° field of view for commercial buildings and hospital surveillance. It includes intelligent object tracking with image stitching solution. Wide 360 ° FOV is provided by stitching the frames from at least 3 cameras’ placed at 60 degree each. OpenCV SIFT algorithm is used for stitching images and deep learning algorithms were used to detect the face or object in the frame with support for USB based joystick.

Software and Algorithm Development

Boards, BSP and Driver Development

Secure Boot and Remote FOTA

Platform: NVIDIA Jetson Platforms

Description: Embien designed and developed a secure boot and update solution for NVIDIA's range of embedded solutions covering all the modules in the Jetson family. Partitioning the device with A/B mode or Golden/App mode, reliable upgrades are done with the update package validated on download and ensuring chain of trust starting with secure CBoot bootloader. Device update possible over both network and USB interface.

MIPI Display Interface Card Design

Platform: NVIDIA Tegra TX2

Description: A daughter card designed and developed for Jetson TX1/TX2 Developer Kit Carrier board. Necessary pin outs are taken from the expansion connector and supported a Off-The-Shelf TFT display with MIPI DSI interface. Embien adopted existing MIPI DSI display driver from L4T 28.1 base to suite the requirements of the display. The backlight interface is also managed by a PWM backlight driver for brightness control.

Tegra TK1 Carrier Card Development

Platform: NVIDIA Tegra TK1

Description: Embien designed and develop a custom carrier board for NVIDIA Jetson TK1 platform based on the Abaco module. The small form factor design has support for multiple network interfaces and custom FPGA to perform image transfer over SDI interfaces. Basic image blending operations and panoramic view creation were performed in the FPGA before sending over the SDI interface.


Camera and FPGA Interfacing

Airborne Camera System Development

Platform: NVIDIA Tegra TX1

Description: Dual camera-based system for airborne applications for both day camera and FLIR camera from two different image sensors with minimal glass-to-glass latency. Camera sensors were selected with MIPI-CSI interface and a carrier card is developed to take the 2 MIPI-CSI interfaces from the Tegra TX1 module. Embien developed device drivers based on the NVIDIA's Linux4Tegra kernel base for the two independent MIPI CSI 2 camera modules.

PCIe Multi Channel Video Mixer

Platform: NVIDIA Tegra TK1

Description: A highly configurable video mixer system that mix independent video data from multiple streams and display in a single output. Embien FPGA team developed the complex FPGA hardware based on ARRIA V along with the complete logic necessary for implementation of video processing sub-systems. Tegra K1 unit is developed based on the COTS module and interfaced over PCIe. GStreamer plug-ins are used for developing multimedia applications.

FPGA empowered graphics processing

Platform: Jetson Orin NX

Description: BSP development for Orin NX series of Jetson platform to enable Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC based FPGA interface over PCIe interface. Software drivers developed to enable CUDA memory mapping directly over to the FPGA interface directly over PCIe mapped memory. Achieved high frame rate and sub 1.5 frame glass to glass latency even when up to 5 video input/output are simultaneously acquired and processed.

Camera and FPGA Interfacing

Are you seeking to develop advanced camera, FPGA and CUDA based processing on NVIDIA architectures? Take advantage of Embien's NVIDIA embedded platform expertise today!

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