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Embien - NXP Alliance

Embien has been an Independent design house for NXP, helping numerous customers realize their designs with NXP devices. With both embedded hardware and software design expertise on all the major series of MCU/MPU offerings from NXP and strategic alliance with them, we can help realize products faster.

NXP microcontrollers/microprocessors - Embien Expertise


General Purpose MCUs

  • LPC5500 Series
  • LPC4000 Series
  • Kinetis K Series
  • K32 L Series


i.MX RT Crossover MCUs

  • i.MX RT1170
  • i.MX RT1160
  • i.MX RT1060
  • i.MX RT500



  • i.MX 91/i.MX 93/i.MX 95
  • i.MX 8 M/i.MX 8QM/i.MX 8X
  • i.MX 6 UL/i.MX 6D/i.MX 6Quad
  • i.MX 28x


Other Architectures

  • S32 microcontrollers
  • QorIQ MCUs/MPUs
  • MPC5xxx Microcontrollers
  • PowerQUICC Processors

Cluster and Computing

Two-Wheeler Instrument Cluster

Platform: NXP i.MX RT1170 Crossover MCU

Description: An automotive grade device for two-wheeler segments based on TFT display. Complete inhouse development of hardware and firmware including dual CAN interface for collecting vital information from the vehicle ECUs, inbuilt BT/BLE and WIFI connectivity’s for pairing with Smartphone for phone calls and TBT (Turn-By-Turn) navigation. Graphics designed using Sparklet with multiple widgets rendered with minimal effort of software/GPU.

Micro TCU

Platform: NXP KW36A BLE Microcontroller

Description: A compact device with sensors and cloud connectivity for vehicle tracking with remote ignition control. LTE based cloud connectivity and CAN bus interface supports remote vehicle data acquisition enables Usage Based Insurance (UBI) model implementation. Hardware designed for fixed manufacturing cost and modular firmware design for more added value security features such as Anti-theft GPS tracker, remote ignition control, etc.

Mono .NET framework on SBC

Platform: NXP i.MX6UL Microprocessor

Description: For a medical application designed and developed a data acquisition card based on the low-cost processor as a single board computer. Ported the Embedded Linux BSP for the target and enabled Mono .NET framework. Ran the original windows application and supported hardware manipulation like the original design. Features like cloud connectivity and Firmware Over the Air update over Ethernet interface provided.

Cluster and Computing

Infotainment and HMIs

12-Inch Android Infotainment System

Platform: NXP i.MX 8QuadMax Processor

Description: A high end Android OS based device for in-vehicle infotainment system driving 12-inch TFT display with touch interface. Compact hardware design based on customers KOZ, supporting basic vehicle bus interfaces such as CAN, LIN, Ethernet and on-board connectivity’s options such as LTE, GNSS, Wi-Fi, BT/BLE, etc. Inbuilt Audio with multiple source such as FM/AM, BT, external storage etc. Firmware and application designs optimised for fast Boot time and low power consumption.

9-Inch Android Infotainment System

Platform: NXP i.MX 6Quad Processor

Description: A compact sized Android OS based device driving 9-inch TFT LCD with touch interface for infotainment system. Complete in-house hardware and mechanical design qualifying the stringent requirements of an Automotive dashboard. Inbuilt Wi-Fi/BT supports smartphone connectivity for map mirroring and handsfree audio calling. Onboard sensors such as multi axis gyroscope, accelerometer included for crash detection and SOS alerts notifications.

Android HMI for Boiler Monitoring System

Platform: NXP i.MX 6DualLite Processor

Description: An IP5X rated, industrial grade device with 10-inch touch display including multiple peripherals and connectivity such as RS485, RS232, USB, Ethernet, CAN, etc. Mainly used for maintaining local server database with internal webserver for presenting the boiler data graphically to the remote user. HMI is connected to local network via Ethernet, hence remote monitoring of boiler and remote configuration update can be done via PC connected to the network.

Infotainment and HMIs

Industrial Devices

Remote Data Acquisition Device

Platform: NXP KL25 Microcontroller

Description: A battery operated industrial grade device for acquiring analog & digital signals precisely from multiple channels and upload the computed data to cloud. Inhouse mechanical design featuring IP5X rating and DIN rail mounting. Firmware optimized for low power consumption via switching the power to LTE module and 16X2 character LCD when required. SMS and email alert options enabled based on the trigger event configurations.

Automated Energy Meter Reader

Platform: NXP KW31 BLE Microcontroller

Description: A ultra small, compact BLE enabled wireless adapter for acquiring the readings from energy meter. Communication with the energy meter was established using optical port and with intelligent power management, the battery has last long for more than 6000 readings. The adapter connects directly with the Android smartphone and a customized Android application was developed to acquire the data and push to the cloud server using the available mobile data.

AI/ML enabled IoT Gateway

Platform: NXP i.MX 6UL Processor

Description: An Artificial Intelligence and machine learning enabled gateway device for acquiring raw data from industrial devices such as flow meter, level transducers, pressure sensors, etc over a period of time and implement various algorithms for predictive maintenance. The device supports various interfaces such as RS485, CAN, Ethernet, RS232 with industrial protocol stack implementation such as Ethernet/IP, CANOpen and Modbus TCP/RTU.

DAQ for Boiler Monitoring System

Platform: NXP KL25 Microcontroller

Description: A Modbus slave device with RS485 serial interface for establishing communication with various industrial devices such as HMI, PLC. The DAQ device will acquire the analog signals (4 to 20mA current output) and digital signals from various sensors that are connected to the boiler such as pressure transducers, flow meter, inductive sensors etc and transfer the manipulated data to the HMI graphical representation to the user. Communication with the HMI and PLC is established using the standard Modbus protocol.

Industrial Environment Monitoring System

Platform: NXP KL14 Microcontroller

Description: A daisy chained industrial marquee display with a display controller board for acquiring data from local PC via RS232 interface and display information about the air quality across the industry. A windows application running in PC will receive the data from the cloud and same will be transferred to the display controller at a configured time period. Scrolling effects are added to show the information that exceeds the length of the display.

NXP Industrial Devices

Industrial Devices

Wireless CAN Bridge

Platform: NXP KW36A Microcontroller
Description: An automotive grade CAN to BLE converter device powered by Embien's auto grade BLE module eStorm-B1. This is a compact standalone device equipped with CAN-FD and LIN bus for vehicle communication. The device is connected to the vehicle CAN bus via the standard OBD2 connector and fetches the power from the vehicle battery. CAN is optimised to support CAN 2.0 including software filters to acquire the CAN messages for particular IDs.

LoRA based IAQ Monitor

Platform: NXP KW40 Microcontroller
Description: A battery operated wireless device for long range and seamless communication. With inbuilt BLE connectivity in the device and BLE beacons, the device can monitor the presence of the technicians around a plant area. In addition to the tracking, the device can also sample analog raw data from the sensors, process it and sent to the server via LoRA connectivity. The server is developed using AWS web services which also runs intelligent algorithms.

Remote Patient health monitor

Platform: NXP LPC1769 Microcontroller
Description: A multi parameter monitor with COTS sensors for acquiring the patient vitals such as ECG, BP, heart rate and SpO2. The device has inbuilt WiFi connectivity for communicating with the remote central server where internally stored data will be pushed at the configured periodicity. The device also communicates with the handheld mobile unit with 7-inch display for presenting the vitals graphically.

PSTN Dialer

Platform: NXP K60 Microcontroller • Description: A compact add on module for instrument panel gateways to establish communication to the central receiver over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Firmware developments are based on RTOS with various modules for different functionalities such as Analog front end operations, line supervision and high-level protocols implementation like Contact ID and SiA on top of PSTN call.

NXP Industrial Devices

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