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Experts in High-density multi-layered, high speed, mixed signal and RF PCB designs

Embien's PCB layout services

While schematics designs focus mainly on the functional features and architecture, the Printed Circuit Board layout is the process where the electrical design is converted to a physical layout. Based on the dimensions and external interface requirements, the components must be placed, PCB carefully designed, and lines routed over layers in accordance with various constraints. It needs special skills, co-ordination with the fab house & mechanical design team and innovative thinking to achieve compact and effective designs.

Embien's PCB layout services team have rich exposure to modern layout techniques and efficient use of real estate. With the know-how of all the nuances in printed circuit board design and fabrication, Embien can deliver multi-layered PCBs that meet the functional and non-functional requirements. Our team is highly skilled in high-speed PCB design, analog front end design, mixed signal PCB design and RF PCB designs. Signal Integrity validation can be done, and Gerber released as per the fabricator's stack-up capabilities.

PCB Layout Services

PCB layout design services Offerings

Design capabilities

  • Up to 24 layered designs
  • Analog, digital, and mixed signal routing
  • Split power planes
  • Blind and buried vias
  • High speed designs
  • Complex high ball count BGA package
  • Flexible and Miniaturized PCB design
  • Controlled impedance routings

Co-ordination with PCB and assembly house

Co-ordination with PCB and assembly house

  • Comprehensive set of deliverables to aid ease of manufacturing.
  • Gerber Data
  • Drilled data
  • Fabrication drawing
  • Assembly drawing
  • Stencil data
  • PCB images in 2D
  • Customized artwork files

Communication with mechanical design team

Communication with Mechanical design team

  • Design based on customer KOZ (Keep Out Zone)
  • Release of documentation for ease of mechanical design
  • Step files
  • 3D files
  • .emn/.emp files
  • Drill data
  • Information on heatsink or heat spreader placements



  • Signal Integrity
  • Power Integrity
  • Thermal

Printed circuit board design and fabrication experience

Embien has dedicated team expertise in complex and challenging PCB layout designs, whether it may be squeezing the circuits inside a compact form factor or layout of high-speed signals involving microprocessor, memory, and interfaces. Some of our PCB layout design services works include.

  • HDI board designs involving 24 layered PCB stackup for MPSoC based System on Module (SoM) with Blind and buried via’s
  • Mechanically constrained PCB for eCockpit involving strict IP standards
  • Ultra small form factor design for hearing aids using flexible PCB designs
  • Modular stacked PCB designs for Telematics and Control unit with multiple RF connectivity’s
  • Through hole to SMT conversion designs for legacy power distribution boards
  • High speed and Mixed signal layouts for PCIe, M.2 wireless cards

We also specialize in cost optimized designs for high volume commercials products.

PCB Circuit Fabrication

Want a highly efficient printed circuit board design and fabrication expert for your product? Check out our PCB layout design services offering now

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