Power and Boot Time Optimization

With deep domain expertise, we offer superior power and boot time optimization services that enhance battery life and improve user experience for end devices.

Power and Boot Time Optimization – What we do?

Embien - We accelerate performance

Increasing hardware capabilities and application requirements in embedded systems demand additional software initialization and configuration during start-up, which adversely affects the system’s boot time and power consumption. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are expected to make hardware-specific changes such as adding the bootloader and writing kernel drivers for their devices & glean a higher level of performance from existing systems. These constraints can be solved with the help of an embedded optimization service provider like Embien. We offer specialized power and boot time optimization services that lower the boot time and improves the battery consumption of android based products, effectively.

Our Optimization Areas

Silicon Level

  • Effective clock gating and PMIC configurations
  • Dynamic Power Switching (DPS)
  • Dynamic Voltage * Frequency Scaling

Electrical Design Level

  • Power Profiling and re-design
  • Power switching on demand
  • BoM optimization and idle current reduction

Software Design Level

  • Framework for monitoring and controlling power
  • Execution of power management features based on product use case

System Level

  • Semantic energy mode shifts from off to standby mode etc.,
  • Power saving UI, network batching etc,

Android Boot Time Optimization

It is vital to reduce the boot time of Android - based systems to offer an enhanced user experience for end users. At Embien, we are capable of determining the time consumed by modules and figure out optimal ways in which we can re-jig the loading order. DMA enabled transfers, fast boot techniques, delayed loading techniques, spreading loads across CPUs in case of multi-core systems etc., have enabled us to achieve efficient time saving features.

We hold an extensive working experience in performing the following operations:

  • Kernel level optimizations
  • Boot loaded for time optimization
  • Android Application optimization
  • Thread level optimization
  • Incremental OTA upgrade
Our credentials include Linux boot reduction from 45 to sub 3 seconds and iMx6 Solo to sub 28 seconds for auto-infotainments.


Android Power Optimization

Embedded software needs to keep pace with growing hardware and application complexity and is subjected to fulfil user demands for providing faster and more reliable services. Size, power and boot time constraints of embedded systems make software design and implementation difficult for engineers. At Embien, we help optimize system and achieve an increased battery usage efficiency.

Our team has the capability to run DAQs on even CR2032 batteries for months together. So, when it comes to Android power management, we are the right team to help you in optimizing system and achieve battery usage efficiently. Our power optimization techniques extend from underlying clock of the peripheral to the applications that consumes its services. Our well-equipped lab helps us to profile the power consumption to accurate details when it is not possible with our software techniques.

Our Android team have increased the standby time of a product from 1 day to more than 10 days i.e., 900% of its original capacity. Keen profiling of peripherals, efficient handling of power and intelligent application design helped us achieve this.

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