Process and Policies

To discover areas which require improvements, to assess the current frameworks and discovering bottlenecks on a regular basis, Process and policies management plays a vital role in business development. This can help to significantly reduce the risk for both employees and consumers.

Embien adheres to a systematic method that ensures effective and efficient business processes are in place. Business operations and strategic goals collaborate through a checklist of activities. Well-defined policies attributed in Embien for the growth of our business. Maintaining efficient and consistent business practices across a corporation is facilitated by effective management process. In spite of this, process and policy enhancement has significantly impacted on the business functions.

Key tools used at Embien

Activity Tracking

Home-brewed tool for Employees Activities Tracking

Quality Assurance

IEEE standards (IEEE 829_2008 and 730) followed for QA Testing

Disaster Recovery

Git lab and AWS server used for standard project Backup

Cyber Security

Licensed version of Microsoft 365 used for internal & external communication

Management Approach

The 'Agile Methodology' is applied by Embien to create the working environment and deliver projects to customers. Wherein the management strategy divides the specific project into several phases and concentrates on continual engagement and progress. The ongoing projects will be divided into sprints, which is a better approach to anticipate and fix the risks and plan to make sure the project goes off without a hitch. For each of the sprints, testing and deliveries will be handled separately by the QA and Management team respectively.

Enhancing productivity by establishing a work environment where everyone is aware of their goals and rules governing their respective roles. The quality of the work never compromises when the employees are confident in their goals, and it is much simpler to find solutions on their own. Embien’s effective project and policy management enables early detection of possible issues in the projects and the organization. This enhances the quality of our project delivery and our customer satisfaction by on-time delivery. Quality has been ensured throughout the implementation phase of the project and all stakeholders are involved in the process with daily/weekly progress reports and status calls.

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