Product DFM and Sustenance Engineering Services

Right partner for your product lifecycle journey from production to sustenance

Design for manufacturing and assembly

While Prototype development is used to validate the idea and test the same, the output of this stage is not suitable mostly for taking it to mass production. When an electronics product goes for production, there are lot of aspects to be taken care of so that the time for manufacturing and cost of it is reduced. The final product must be specifically designed for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA).

At Embien, our Product DFM and Sustenance Engineering team, follows the DFM as standard practice since identification of the potential risks and resolving them as early as possible is the most effective option to save the customer’s time and money. Following are our expertise in DFMA,

  • Understanding the manufacturing scope
  • Design optimization – Schematics and PCB Layout
  • Part count reduction
  • Using existing parts or processes
  • Sourcing the logistics globally
  • Extensive system-level testing capabilities
  • optimizing the manufacturing process and technical resources

Design for manufacturing and assembly

Re-engineering and Sustenance

Rapid developments in technology have reduced the product life cycle. While a company needs to constantly innovate and execute new product developments, it is equally important to keep an eye on the sustenance of the existing products.

Embien has a team with right skills and exposure that can support to extend the product life by redesigning the existing product that are under End-Of-Life (EOL) stages, reduce costs without comprising the product certifications. Following are our highlights in re-engineering and Sustenance,

  • Eliminate sourcing and obsolesce concerns
  • Performance analysis of current design
  • Improve reliability
  • Reduce cost
  • Increase performance

With our Re-engineering and Sustenance expertise, be assured that your product rules the market even if there are significant changes in the underlying supply-chain.

Re-engineering and Sustenance

Want to optimize your products for design for manufacturing and assembly and prolong life with Re-engineering and Sustenance? Take advantage of our Product DFM and Sustenance Engineering services.

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