Product Engineering Services

As one of leading product engineering companies, Embien offers cutting-edge digital product engineering services to help realizes your electronic products faster and cheaper.

Product Engineering Services

Product engineering is an art that brings in magnitude of variables to play. That too, with an electronic product development, the complexities are higher and needs an expert team to manage the full product development life cycle. Embien's product engineering services has been helping business- startups, Tier'2s, Tier 1s, OEMs and enterprises accelerate their product roadmap significant with the help of engineering experts and rich partner ecosystem.

At Embien, as one leading product engineering companies, we offer customized product engineering services that help organizations gain a competitive edge by leveraging new technologies that reduce time-to–market and come up with ready-to-ship products. We integrate new age development and testing practices to enhance system reliability and quality. Whether it is an electronic or digital product engineering need, we offer our full spectrum of services to help businesses gain their lead.

Product Engineering Services

Our Product Engineering Services Offerings

Os Porting and Bsp Development

Turnkey Product Development Services

Embien is one-stop turnkey product development service provider for all electronics product design needs - from concept, design, prototyping &manufacturing

Device Driver Development

Embedded Hardware Development

Embien, a leading electronics design and manufacturing company, offers Embedded hardware design services including Schematics, PCB layout DFMA & compliance

Firmware Development

Embedded Software Development

Embien's embedded software development services team excel in embedded software services from Platform to Application design, customization & optimization

Android Development

Embedded Application Development

Embien offers embedded application development services including Multimedia for Embedded, Containerization, Mobile App, UI/UX & QT Application Development

Application Development

FPGA Design Services

Embien’s FPGA design services team provides FPGA consulting/FPGA development services setting highest level of benchmark for any FPGA design for embedded systems

AI/ML on Embedded Systems

Production and Manufacturing Support

Together with rich partner ecosystem, we offer manufacturing services to convert your designs to ready-to-ship products with quality validated at affordable costs

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