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Flint IDE

Flint is an integrated development environment, a flagship product of Embien. It is a PC based tool that can be used to create cutting edge products quickly. In fact, it has 3 different features combined. System Configurator - to configure the target platform using graphics interface, a Visual programmer to develop coding in a low-code approach and UI designer to design screens for display based systems.

Supporting industry standard development methodology, it can generate platform independent output there by offering cross-platform support. Click on the link below to know more about this next-gen design tool to aid quick product development.

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Sparklet GUI Library

Today, providing an intuitive graphical interface to products is mandatory to keep in line with the demanding needs of the customer and market. Whether it is a industrial device or a consumer electronics goods, users expect an experience on par with mobile phones. This calls for a graphics library that can provide the best visual experience with even the minimal processing resources that may be available.

Sparklet Embedded Graphics library is Embien's answer to this. Supporting major devices from industry leading silicon vendors, Sparklet can help convert your produce to a user experience console.

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Modern embedded devices have a magnitude of functionality built in to achieve the expected functional requirements - including numerous sensors, device interfaces, etc. and are expected to support a variety of software features such as sensor fusion, cloud connectivity, protocols support, software filters, processing blocks, logging mechanisms, firmware upgrade, secure boot, file systems and domain specific features.

RAPIDSEA - an acronym for RAPId Deployment Suite for Embedded applications, comprises of all these modules and well as industrial, automotive and IoT related functionalities available as a library format that can be quickly used to realize the product.

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TestBot Automated Testing Framework

As a part of electronic product development process, it is important to validate it thoroughly before deployment, as the cost of recalls/on-field servicing often far exceeds the product cost. Further, during the product life cycle, the firmware typically undergoes many iterations each of which needs to be tested. Full-fledged manual testing may run into months affecting the turnaround time, calling for an automated testing.

TestBot, an automated HIL testing framework for embedded products, can be companion to both Quality Assurance team for EoL testing and developers for regression testing. It can significantly increase the quality of your product, saving valuable time and expenses

Speed up and strengthen your QA team

Mobile Apps for Developers

Embedded developers often need to interface their devices with external mobile phones as a way of providing user interface or achieving cloud connectivity or as an extension to the user experience. These mobile app development needs a deep expertise in working of embedded systems as well as the underlying mobile architecture. To accelerate development time, Embien offers mobile apps for new product development in electronics.

Our offerings include a SAM - Smart Automotive Manager - a companion app for automotive instrument clusters, BLE Suite for Bluetooth Low Energy based development and DAQSuite for device automation.

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