Quality Assurance Services

Enterprises and Businesses are in need to churn out new products, services, and feature updates to keep themselves competitive. As fast as the development goes, it is important to ensure the quality of the deliverables. Any compromise in this, may be life-threatening - if it is a life-safety application, increase business costs and more importantly affects the brand value. To avoid this, it is essential to follow a holistic development approach where quality assurance is built into it and supported ably by QA engineers.

Embien, as a leading quality assurance company, offers a full set of services for testing and validation. Our experts ensure that the developed product and services meet the expectations of the user and guarantee quality. Having worked across multiple domains like automotive, industrial, medical and consumer electronics, our QA Consulting and Analysis leaders have gained in-depth expertise that helps us to apply them cross-domain and get the best. Our quality assurance services team can also accelerate the QA Process by incorporating latest automation testing tools and leverage AI/ML for the same.

Quality Assurance Services

Hi-Tech QA testing Offerings

ai ml testing

AI/ML Testing Services

Validate your AI/ML development with our AI/ML Testing Services using automated data generation and validation features, backed by engineers knowledgeable with data.

embedded testing

Embedded Testing Services

Address the unique challenges for validating embedded systems and embedded software with our in-depth understanding of internals of electronic products.

iot testing

IoT Testing Services

IoT Testing needs met by our experience and expertise to view the complete perspective of end product, the cloud offering and the delivery to the end-user.

compliance testing

Pre-certification Compliance Testing

Backed by our rich partner ecosystem, we can help you validate your product against regulatory compliance to speed up your certification process.

Software Testing Offerings

electronic design

Cloud/API Testing Services

We help to validate the API's and functionalities exposed by the cloud service using advanced tools, proven testing strategies, and API testing experts.

software design

Mobile App Testing Services

Embien ensures your mobile app developed for Android and iOS meets the required user experience requirements across class of devices and functionalities.

mechanical engineering

Software Testing Services

Whether it is an application designed for Windows or Linux or Mac OS or a fully cross-platform, we ensure all the development requirements are met.

optical engineering

Security Testing Services

We help uncover vulnerabilities in you mobile, web, cloud and embedded applications using advances security tools and techniques like penetration testing, injection testing etc.

QA testing Methodologies

electronic design

Manual Testing Services

Our rich pool of experienced QA engineers takes full ownership of the product delivery and ensure it meets the usage and performance needs it is developed for.

software design

Automation Testing Services

With third party tools and in-house frameworks, our QQ team significantly increases the testing speed without compromising quality and help you hit the market faster.

mechanical engineering

Regression Testing

Catch the bugs as and when the development is done without waiting for the end delivery. Powered by automation, QA run as fast as the developers.

optical engineering

Load and Performance Testing Services

To meet the demanding needs of today's customers, we ensure the performance and response of your product by loading them to the max and validating.

QA Consulting and Analysis Services

Embien, having been in the field for more than 13 years, have developed a highly specialized expertise in QA testing. Our architects and engineers have an in-depth understanding of various domains and associated use cases. They can understand the end-to-end development process and map them to the goals aspired for. Our QA Consulting and Analysis Services team can support you in defining the QA strategy and help you realize long term gains.

Involving them early in the process can significantly reduce your development time and help avoid costly mistakes on the course of the development. With breadth of knowledge in testing tools, frameworks, and techniques, they can help automate the testing process and enable regression testing as well. Leverage the rich experience of our QA architects and experts to specifically design and strategies your product validation.

QA Consulting and Analysis Services

Looking to automate your testing process and reduce time to market for your products and services?Modernize development process with our end-to-end quality assurance services

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