RAPIDSEA Development Suite

At Embien, we offer RAPIDSEA - an integrated product development platform that accelerates the overall development time of embedded applications.

RAPIDSEA Development Suite

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RAPIDSEA – an acronym for Rapid Deployment Suite for Embedded Applications is an integrated product development platform offered by Embien. RAPIDSEA consists of a collection of ANSI C based libraries, specially designed to reduce the time to market of embedded applications. It also includes associated middleware such as TCP/IP stack, GSM/GPRS stack, USB Device and Host Stacks, Industrial protocol stacks, SNMP support etc. The flexible architecture of RAPIDSEA allows easy addition & customization of software modules that are available as a package.

With Embien’s Flint IDE, RAPIDSEA can be configured according to the need of the user by enabling the drag and drop approach, within a shorter possible time. It can also be used in conjunction with Sparklet Embedded GUI library to create attractive graphical user interfaces for embedded applications. Apart from these, it also offers enhanced software functionality features for applications such as Data Acquisition, Vehicle Tracking and Telemetry, Industrial HMI’s, Medical Instruments & Point of Sale Terminals.

Primary Components of RAPIDSEA

RAPIDSEA has three primary components: Data Object Database and Custom Logic, Platform Configuration & Driver and Application Module Library. RAPIDSEA Application Development begins with defining data objects used in an application by utilizing its attributes. These data objects are assigned with unique data ID’s that can be used to refer codes in the future. Embien's Flint IDE provides a high level script programming interface that assists programmers with no knowledge of C Language to program logics for RAPIDSEA.

The Platform configuration of RAPIDSEA contains all the primary information required to configure the underlying hardware. Pins used for various interfaces like Expansion Connector, Debug Port, Ethernet port etc. are specified with respect to the driver modules. The Platform Editor available in Flint IDE offers a graphical representation of various pins & ports available in the physical platform. Users can select various multiplexed functionalities from the combo box.

RAPIDSEA also has a rich collection of driver & application modules that include I2C, SPI, EEPROM, UART, Ethernet, USB Device / Host etc. These modules are highly configurable and are tested for complete functionality.


Functionalities offered by RAPIDSEA

RAPIDSEA offers a unique set of functionalities that aid in reducing the overall product development time.

  • Data centric design of target applications
  • Highly configurable code base
  • Standard API's of devices for user access
  • Supports most of the high-level application modules needed for any industry
  • Eclipse based Flint IDE for Graphical design
  • Easy drag and drop device driver module configuration
  • UML based functional programming
  • Smooth integration with various compiler tool chains

Automated embedded application development with RAPIDSEA

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