RAPIDSEA embedded device driver modules

Accelerate your embedded firmware development with RAPIDSEA!
Build your product on top of our resource optimized embedded components and library modules!

Your gateway to smart Embedded device management

RAPIDSEA offers support for the most used embedded devices and components. Built on top of the platform independent BSW/HAL components, they can be used across multiple platforms without any extra effort. It can empower your product development with a standardized way of development.

Our embedded device driver modules are proven with hundreds of thousands of products in the field running with them. This page captures the details of the devices from the growing list of supported devices are captured below.


EEPROM is one of the most popular storage devices typically used for storing configuration data and settings in a non-volatile way. RAPIDSEA offers support for most used EEPROM devices including those from Microchip, ST etc.

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Stepper Motor

RAPIDSEA offers a mechanism to control the stepper motors precisely. With support for zero-point detection and multi axis control, these modules can be used across multiple applications like meters gauges, motorized valve control, placement etc.

What makes RAPIDSEA embedded device driver modules unique?
They are the best optimized for your embedded device management!

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