RAPIDSEA embedded firmware modules

Accelerate your embedded firmware development with RAPIDSEA!
Build your product on top of our resource optimized embedded components and library modules!

Optimized embedded components and library modules!

Embien has been working on embedded product development for more than a decade and our engineers understand the complexities of firmware development and challenges engineers face working across different platforms over the product life cycle. With our accumulated knowledge on these problems and solutions we built to solve these issues, we offer RAPIDSEA as an integrated collection of embedded components.

RAPIDSEA is an optimized implementation of the most popular library modules that are used in day to day product development - both for speed and memory. Available in platform independent format, it can be used across devices seamlessly. This page lists some of the embedded firmware modules supported by RAPIDSEA.

BSW software and HAL interfaces

RAPIDSEA abstracts the underlying hardware and provides a uniform and standard interface to the higher-level middleware and application components. This enables seamless transition between different platforms without even changing a single line of application code. Some of the platform peripherals and interfaces supported includes:

  • Serial Ports
  • GPIO
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • CAN
  • Timers
  • PWM and ADC

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File formats for embedded systems

With RAPIDSEA support for standard file formats, it is possible to store and retrieve information from file and manage them over file systems and network streams. These implementations are highly optimized for memory utilization and performance with deterministic behavior. Few of the file formats supported by RAPISEA library are:

  • RAW Binary
  • MDF4 file format
  • JSON Format
  • XML Format

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Use RAPIDSEA embedded firmware modules and accelerate your product development now!

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