RAPIDSEA File formats for embedded systems

RAPIDSEA offers support for JSON for embedded systems without any dynamic memory utilization.
Our MDF4 library for embedded is best suited for storing sensor information from CAN, serial ports etc.

File formats for embedded systems

It is essential to have standard ways of representing information to enable storage on to a file and retrieval back from it. Based on the application and use case, file formats are defined. While there are thousands of file formats, verify few are primarily used in embedded application scenario. RAPIDSEA supports some of these file formats such as MDF4, JSON etc.

Our library supports both encoding data to these formats and decoding them back to structure/object data over a single function call. Optimized for both best use of code size and memory, these modules were carefully designed to avoid dynamic memory allocation to enable deterministic utilization. With good error handling support, even invalid data are handled with grace.

MDF4 library for embedded firmware

MDF4 - Measurement Data Format version 4 is a binary file format widely used in the automotive industry for storing data from interfaces like CAN, LIN and measurement data from various ECUs. RAPIDSEA offers support for encoding binary data in MDF4 format with the following features:

  • Support for all headers and sections
  • Customization of file sizes
  • Roll over to new file on configured size overflow
  • Works on top of and storage device/file system

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JSON for embedded systems

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation and is a text-based data interchange format for representing structured data. As one of the most common encoding formats, it is used for transferring information between entities and also to convey configuration information.:

  • Support for both decoding and encoding
  • Single call to convert JSON to array and vice-versa
  • Highly optimized for memory usage with no dynamic memory allocation.
  • Flint tool to convert JSON to internal structure format.

Seeking for best encoder and decoders for file formats for embedded system use cases?
Evaluate our JSON for embedded systems and MDF4 library for embedded firmware today!

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