RAPIDSEA - Rapid product development Suite

From the stables of Embien, comes one of the best embedded device development tools - RAPIDSEA - an integrated product development platform.

It is a vast collection of system modules, software components, protocol stacks that can be readily used for embedded application development.



RAPIDSEA – RAPID Deployment Suite for Embedded Applications – is a vast collection set of functional modules that can be leveraged to design, develop and deploy embedded applications faster.

RAPIDSEA Rapid product development suite is available mostly in Misra ANSI C source code form and can be used in one of 2 forms:

  • API form where its functionalities can be invoked via function calls
  • No-Code form where the Flint – IDE for Embedded System design is used for configuration.

Essentially the RAPIDSEA applications follow model based design methodology with UML inspired Hierarchical State Machines used to managing the overall flow.

While RAPIDSEA generally refers to the collection of functional modules, each of them is independent and can be used in a standalone manner.

RAPIDSEA - embedded application development features


OS, Drivers, Protocol stacks, Parsers, Design patterns etc.


Data objects, FIFO, buffers, filters, message queues, databases etc.


I2C, SPI, EEPROM, UART, Ethernet, USB Device / Host etc.


No code development approach with Flint IDE for Embedded System Design

Rapid product development with RAPIDSEA

RAPIDSEA offers a unique set of functionalities for embedded application development that aids in reducing the overall product development time.

  • Data centric design of target applications
  • Highly configurable code base
  • Standard API's of devices for user access
  • Supports most of the high-level application modules needed for any industry
  • Eclipse based Flint IDE for Graphical design
  • Easy drag and drop device driver module configuration
  • UML based functional programming
  • Smooth integration with various compiler tool chains

Designed with highly modular approach and standard layer interfaces, applications once developed with RAPIDSEA can be deployed to any other system with less efforts. The modular design also enables agile development for embedded systems.

RAPIDSEA has found its place among one of the best embedded device development tools and been used across applications in industrial, consumer electronics, automotive and medical domains to quickly realize end products.