Renesas Platform Expertise

Embien has been working with Renesas devices for 10+ years helping OEM's and Tier 1s create products for Industrial and Automotive segments

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RL/RA Series

RL/RA Series

  • RL78/F13
  • RL78/D1A
  • RL78/G1D
  • RA6M4

RH850 Series

RH850 Series

  • RH850/D1M1A/D1M1V2
  • RH850/ C1MA1
  • RH850/F1KM, F1K, K1KM-S1
  • RH850/U2A8

R-Car/RZ Series

R-Car/RZ Series

  • R-Car/M3e-2G
  • R-Car/E3e
  • R-Car/H3e
  • RZ/V2L

Industrial IoT Platforms

BLE Astrotimer
Platform : Renesas RL78/G1D BLE Microcontroller
Description : An industrial grade device for automatic switching/dimming of industrial lightings based on local sunset/sunrise and ambient light conditions. BLE based wireless communication with Smartphone for configuration of GPS co-ordinates for across the globe implementation. Embien is involved in complete hardware and software developments that include: customized android application and integration of customized astrotimer algorithm.

Industrial HMI
Platform : Renesas RA6M3 Controller
Description :R7FA6M3AF3CFB based design with multiple connectivities such as high-speed USB, Ethernet, CAN and rich IO’s such as Analog inputs/outputs, Pulse outputs, etc. Supports 4.3” TFT graphic display with capacitive touch. GUI is powered by Embien’s Graphic Library “Sparklet” with multiple widgets running in inbuilt SRAM. This is a complete turn-key solution from Embien with extended support after delivery.

White Goods Display
Platform : Renesas RX72N Controller
Description : A low cost 4.3” TFT based display device powered by Renasas’s RX72N microcontroller targeted for miniaturization of the housing and shortening of development cycle. Cost efficient design by enabling GUI using Embien’s Sparklet which can run in less RAM memory with multiple graphic widgets. Complete design transferred to the customer with extensive remote technical KT sessions. Compact hardware design limiting the dimension to the size of the display.

Secure Connected Solutions

Secure bootloader on RH850
Platform : Renesas RH850-(C1MA1, F1KM_S4, F1K, F1KM-S1)
Description : Designed and developed Secure Bootloader solution for range of RH850 MCUs. Leveraged the underlying hardware capabilities to achieve AES encryption, True Random number generation, CRC validation etc and implemented the Asymmetric cryptographic algorithms using software libraries. Allows secure update via UART-Xmodem and CAN - UDS protocols. The secure core available in variants are used to run the secure algorithms before handing over control to the application core.

BSP/BSW Development for RH850
Platform : Renesas RH850-(C1MA1, F1KM_S4, D1M1A, D1M1V2)
Description : Embien has developed Base Software or the Hardware Abstraction layers for numerous RH850 series MCUs. With these ports, customers were able to smoothly transition their application and middleware to these new platforms. The APIs continuity is ensured so that there is no to very little changes needed even when migrating from MCUs from a different silicon vendor. The implementations were unit-tested with standard frameworks and made available for both CS+ and GHS environments.

Telematics Control Unit
Platform : Renesas RH850/U2A
Description : An Automotive grade design based on RH850-U2A MCU mainly targeted for vehicle control unit and communication gateway applications. Design includes up to 4 CAN interface, 2 Automotive Ethernet with Broad-R Reach support, 2 LIN interface and multiple Analog Sensor inputs. Stacked PCB approach for compact design with separate communication card for multiple wireless connectivity such as LTE, WIFI and BT/BLE. On-board 6-axis inertial sensor (3D accelerometer and 3D gyro) with extensive set of networking interface generates data useful for ADAS and autonomous driving functions. Design is complaint to AEC-Q100 qualification and AIS-004 ARAI standard.

Instrument Clusters

CV Instrument Cluster
Platform : Renesas RL78/D1A Controller
Description : A traditional Analog instrument cluster powered by RL78 “R5F10DMGCLFB” MCU ideally suitable for low end instrument clusters for commercial vehicles. The design drives three stepper motors for fuel, RPM, and temperature gauge and supports Segment LCD for trip meter. Software design involves fine tuning of the stepper motor by enabling zero-point detection and software based PID to effectively control the needles without using the position sensors. A very low-cost design, achieved via single layer PCB in addition to adhering the ARAI standard AIS-004.

2W Instrument Cluster
Platform : Renesas RH850/D1M1A
Description : A 7” graphical 2D instrument cluster design based on RH850-D1M1A series MCU. Hardware and Software design adheres to the stringent requires of automotive standards such as AIS-004 (EMI/EMC), AIS-071 (Tell-Tales indication standards) and ASIL-B. Two CAN interface with flexible data rate and supports firmware upgrade via CAN using UDS protocol. Complete GUI design is based on Embien GUI library Sparklet and Flint IDE. Integrated the customer CAN database and implemented their business logics. Futuristic design supporting Bluetooth for adding map mirroring functionality.

PV Instrument Cluster
Platform : Renesas RH850/D1M1V2
Description : A low end Analog instrument cluster with auxiliary digital display for trip and status indications. The design includes two stepper motor for speed gauge and RPM gauge. Compact hardware design and challenging KOZ requirements from Customer for strict vibration and stress balancing. Multiple tell-tale indications compliance to ARAI AIS-071 and cluster data acquisition compliance to ASIL-B standards.

Smart IVI / Vision Systems

E-Cockpit Solution
Platform : Renesas RCAR - M3e/2G
Description : A high-end platform based on R-Car-M3e processor which includes three display interfaces (HDMI, RGB and LVDS display) for instrument cluster, infotainment and heads-up display unit. Complete software development on top of Linux OS and support for Android with boot time and power optimization. Supports on-board connectivity options such as LTE, GNSS, WiFi and BT/BLE for various applications such as telematics, navigation via google map and hand-free applications via smartphone connectivity. On board RL78/F13 MCU for vehicle interfaces and power management. MIPI-CSI interface for external camera interface and onboard 6-axis inertial sensors to support ADAS applications. Inbuilt audio system supporting speakers, MIC and Aux-In.

Smart Cluster
Platform : R-Car - E3e + RH850 / F1KM-S1
Description :An instrument cluster based on R-Car-E3e series processor with 10.25” inch display support. On board RH850/F1KM-S1 MCU for vehicle interfaces replacing customer’s existing cluster and supports power management. Complete software development on top of Linux OS. Supports on-board connectivity options such as LTE, GNSS, WiFi and BT/BLE for various applications such as telematics, turn-by-turn navigation using smartphone connectivity. Includes up to 4 Analog camera interface (NTSC/PAL). Inbuilt audio system supporting speakers, MIC and Aux-In.

Machine Vision System
Platform : RZ/V2L Microprocessor
Description : A Camera based inspection system for monitoring and sorting the goods in the slow-moving conveyor belts. This design includes complex image processing using the processor’s inbuilt AI accelerator “DRP-AI” where need for external image signal processor (ISP) is avoided. A compact hardware design with high speed connectivities such as Gigabit Ethernet and onboard MIPI-CSI camera interface. On-board HDMI interface for display. System running on Linux operating system with complete GUI design based on QT and GStreamer plugins done.

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