SaaS Development Services

As a leading edge-to-cloud development company, Embien offers SaaS development services that help you meet today's demands of subscription-based universally accessible software development. With the Software-as-a-Service model, it is feasible for business to deliver digital products and services that are up-to-date and advanced. Leveraging the shared cloud resources, this approach reduces the strain on the development team and increases the affordability to reach a larger audience and gain more market share.

Working together with leading cloud platform vendors and partner ecosystem, we have helped companies across different industries develop and deploy high-performance SaaS applications that meets the unique business requirements and customer expectations of that domain. Our technical architects help design the entire application that fits your needs while scalable when situation demands.

SaaS Application development Offerings

Saas Application Development

SaaS Application Development

From design, development, deployment to maintenance, Embien can take care of the full cycle of SaaS application development that are highly scalable and optimized for performance and resource utilization.

Saas Platform Development

SaaS Platform Development

Our expert SaaS development team help create and deploy highly secure, customized, and advanced SaaS Platforms that offers a high degree of automation, with greater efficiency and lower runtime costs.

Multi tenant Architecture

Multi-tenant architecture

With our highly secure multi-tenant architecture, the applications can be shared across multiple-organizations and customers, effectively reducing the infrastructure resource utilization and operational costs.

Third Party Integration

Third-party integration

Saving time and costs, it is better to leverage third-party applications rather than reinventing the wheel. Our team with breadth of knowledge of latest tools and services, can select and integrate them to your app.

Micro Services Model

Micro-services model

We split complex modules to smaller independent microservices architecture such that changing/updating once does not affect the entire system - keeping it highly flexible and enabling faster parallel development.

Saas Monitoring and Billing

SaaS Monitoring and Billing

We provide SaaS dashboards with a global yet granular view of system resource utilization and support in managing them without causing an outage. Tenants can be billed automatically based on their usage.

SaaS Platform Development methodology

Embien offers a highly customized SaaS Development services covering the following stages of development:

Planning and Analysis:

We work together with the customer to understand his domain, business model and unique proposition he brings to his customers and capture them in a clear requirement documentation.

Architecting SaaS:

After capturing the requirements clearly, our certified architects plan the entire architecture including the components, data models, data base designs, user interfaces and platform.

SaaS Development:

Our expert SaaS development team develops the entire application based on the architecture defined and ensures the development modules meet their specifications based on unit testing methodology.

QA Testing:

Our highly experienced Quality Assurance Team validates the development to ensure it meets the functional and non-functional requirements including the security, performance, and user interfaces.


Once the validation is successfully done, the SaaS application is deployed to the production environment and entire infrastructure is setup including the database, servers, third-party integrations.


In this stage, the application enters the maintenance stage where the application and infrastructure are monitored for any issues and are resolved immediately as and when required.


Our dedicated team of engineers can travel together with our customers to implement updates needed by the user base and well as enhance features to meet the ever-changing end-user needs.

Having honed our skills in this, we are your ideal SaaS Platform Development and SaaS Application Development partner in the transformation process.

Are you exploring SaaS development services to Maximize your competitive advantage and increase business efficiency?Get our proficient SaaS application development and SaaS platform development experts to help you with!

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