AM335X Ti Sitara Based Dev Kit -SBC EVA

Embien provides an AM335X Ti Sitara based SBC EVA application processor offering ARM Cortex™- A8 @ 1GHz Quad/ Dual/ DualLite/Solo core. SBC EVA module is ideal for managing and visualizing device processes. It supports HMI solution by providing real time data acquisition and increasing productivity. SBC EVA module is ideal for applications such as: Portable GPS, dynamic signage, industrial control etc.,
  • CPU Name – MIREA Am335x Som
  • CPU Type – ARM® Cortex™-A8
  • Cores – x1
  • CPU Clock – up to 1GHz
  • PRU – The PRU and application software is available for AM3359

SBC EVA module offers high-performance and reliability solutions for industrial applications. The multiple USB’s, RS232 standard protocol and CAN present on the board enable seamless short-distance digital data communication and serial data exchange between the module and its peripheral devices. The available audio interface is suitable for a wide range of applications and offers the best-in-class performance in terms of audio quality and features.

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