AM335x SBC LIA offered from the proven Texas Instruments processor family ARM Cortex-A8@ 1GHz works well with industrial applications and accelerates power optimization in Embedded Systems.

With common bus interfaces and display capabilities, AM335x SBC LIA extends support from Simple Gateways, PoS, Connected Vending Machines, Smart Toll Information Systems to more Intelligent Embedded Control Gateways & Authentication Devices.

Embien’s AM335x SBC LIA offers predictive maintenance and revolutionary computing capabilities for all AM335x based development platforms & helps improve the power/precision of a wide range of IoT Devices.

  • CPU Name – MIREA Am335x Som
  • CPU Type – ARM® Cortex™-A8
  • Cores – x1
  • CPU Clock – up to 1GHz
  • PRU – The PRU and application software is available for AM3359
  • RAM – 512 MB DDR3L
  • eMMC- From 4 to 64 GByte
  • NAND – 256/ 512 MByte
  • Parallel- x1 16 Bit
  • 2D/3D graphic acceleration-x1
Electrical specifications
  • Power supply- 12VDC
  • Consumption- 500mA
  • SD/MMC x1
  • USB Host/Device x3 2 USB Host, 1x USB OTG
  • UART x2
  • I2C x2
  • SPI x2
  • RTC x1
  • Mini PCI Express x1
  • Ethernet x1 Gigabit
  • GPIOs x30
Mechanical specifications
  • Dimensions (W x L x H)- 130×103.5 mm
Environmental Specifications
  • Commercial Temperature Range (0 to 70°C) – Available
  • Extended Temperature Range (-20 to 70°C)- Available
  • Industrial Temperature Range(-40 to +85°C) - Available
  • Minimum availability – 2028
Block Diagram

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