i.MX6 NOVA is a single board computer that supports i.MX 6 Dual/ DualLite families based on ARM® Cortex®-A9 architecture. NOVA - being a highly integrated multi-market applications supports industry latest high-performance interfaces and enables real-time video data analytics.

Embien, with its expertise over ASP.net, Ruby, OpenCV, and Python enables the i.MX6 SBC NOVA to support real-time Video and Data Analytics / Processing Solutions for a wide range of applications including : Industrial Control Systems, Fleet Management, Traffic Data Analytics & Surveillance etc.,

Embien’s SBC NOVA offers high - end graphics support and video security services such as security block with TRNG, AES crypto engine, and secure boot for all i.MX6 platforms.

  • CPU name-VERA iMX6 Solo, Dual Lite, Dual e Quad
  • CPU type- i.MX6 Solo, Dual Lite, Dual e Quad
  • Cores- 1, 2, 4
  • RAM- 256 – 4096 MB DDR3L
  • eMMC- from 4 to 64 G byte
  • NOR-SPI 16MByte
  • HDMI- x1 v1.4 1920×1080
  • LVDS- x1 1920×1200 24-bit
  • DSI- x1 1920×1200 24-bit
  • Parallel- x1 24-bit
  • CSI-2 -x1
  • CSI parallel- x1
  • 2D/ 3D Graphics Acceleration- x1
  • Video Encode/ Decode- 1080p30H, 264 Decode 1080p60 H, 264 Decode
  • Camera Interface- 1x CSI, 1x CPI
Mechanical specifications
  • Dimensions (W x L x H)- 102×146 mm
  • SD/ MMC- x1
  • USB Host/ Device- x4 2 Externals 2 Internals
  • UART-x2
  • I2C-x2
  • SPI-x2
  • S-ATA- x1 mSATA
  • RTC-x1
  • PCI – Express- x1
  • CAN-x1
  • GPIOz- x30
Electrical specifications
  • Power Supply-12VDC
  • Consumption- 500mA
Environmental Specifications
  • Commercial Temperature Range (0 to 70°C) – Available
  • Extended Temperature Range (-20 to 70°C)- Available
  • Industrial Temperature Range(-40 to +85°C) - Available
  • Minimum availability – 2028
Block Diagram
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