AM335X Ti Sitara Based Dev Kit -SBC SARA

Embien provides an AM335X Ti Sitara based SBC SARA application processor offering ARM Cortex™- A8 @ 1GHz Quad/ Dual/ DualLite/Solo core. SBC SARA module automates the task of monitoring applications. It displays the summary on local screens using HDMI. SBC SARA supports Headless Operations by enabling connection with RS232-a standard protocol. It reduces operating cost and offers easy administration of the device.
  • CPU Name – Texas Instruments AM335x Sitara™ Family
  • CPU Type – ARM® Cortex™-A8
  • Cores – x1
  • CPU Clock – up to 1GHz
  • PRU – the PRU and application software for AM3359 is available

SBC SARA offers automated testing of a web application. It enables exchange of information and performs actions without manual assistance. The PCI-Express present on the board provides a higher bandwidth and is compatible with existing operating systems. Ti Sitara based SBC SARA module acts like a network and controls several point-to- point serial connections. It offers lower latency and higher data transfer rates.

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