Secure Bootloader for RH850

Embien, together with Renesas, designed and developed the Secure Bootloader stack for Renesas RH850 devices that allows secure FOTA update and firmware validation.

Secure Bootloader for RH850

Embien has been working with Renesas on its RH850 devices for a long time developing various solutions for the powerful MCU. Our expert team developed a Secure Bootloader for RH850 to ensure that the firmware is valid and is from a trusted source before running it. The RH850 Secure Bootloader (RH850 SBL) also allows download of new firmware over channels like CAN, UART etc. so that it can be readily integrated to any custom application and Firmware upgrade functionality immediately provided.

The SBL is highly optimized for RH850 devices that leverages the internal secure core to run the validation before the firmware is run by the application core. The bootloader is validated by some of the advanced techniques that the customer can use it with 100% confidence.

Secure Bootloader for RH850

Embien’s Support for RH850 SBL


High Security

The RH850 SBL offers high level of protection with RSA or ECDC based asymmetric security and SHA256/SHA512 based hashing algorithms.


RH850 Variants

Secure Bootloader for RH850 supports many different variants of RH850 devices such as RH850-D1M1, RH850/F1KM-S1, RH850/F1KM-S4 etc.


Firmware update

Can be updated over UART using XModem protocol or updated over CAN UDS protocol. Update over custom interface is also possible.


Development support

As a reliable partner for Renesas, Embien supports the RH850 SBL stack and offers RH850 firmware development/customization services on top of it.

RH850 firmware development services

While the basic Secure Bootloader for RH850 software is available at Renesas website for download, Embien offers support services for any customization/porting needed on top of the vanilla offering. Our services include:

  • Integration of the RH850 Secure Bootloader to user firmware
  • Consulting with respect to Cyber-Security architecture for Renesas devices
  • Support for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/SPI based Firmware Update
  • Size and Speed Optimization of the SBL for target hardware
  • RH850 firmware development for Telematics Control Unit
  • RH850 firmware development for Automotive Clusters

We have developed expertise in RH850 firmware development by working on various variants of the devices and support BSW for many of its internal peripherals. Our services are being used by some of the leading OEMs and Tier's to protect their devices in the automotive and industrial domains.

RH850 firmware development

Want support for RH850 firmware development or protect your RH850 firmware?Avail the Secure Bootloader for RH850 and our RH850 SBL customization services.

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