Semiconductor development support

Pre-fabrication silicon support services and evaluation kit development services

Semiconductor development support

With high levels of integration, the demand for smarter solutions in the domain of semiconductors is on the rise. With the advancement in technology, manufacturers seem to struggle in updating new features on existing models, developing complex product engineering designs with ever - shrinking form factors, increasing system efficiency and building ready to market solutions etc. The semiconductor development support also needs firmware to be supported on multiple OSes like Android, Linux, QNX, etc.

At Embien, we hold the required semiconductor development support and expertise to satisfy the challenging needs of silicon manufacturers. With profound experience in product engineering services, we offer a wide array of product design, custom hardware design and firmware development services for major semiconductor vendors like Renesas, NXP, NVIDIA, Texas Instruments, Microchip, ST Microelectronics, MediaTek, Allwinner, Rock Chip, Silicon Labs, etc. Our silicon support services team can enable early-stage software bring up for silicon in pre-production stage. We are also highly skilled in upcoming technologies like NLP, AI, ML, edge analytics, image processing and have successfully executed numerous projects. Our team holds distinction in enabling embedded device security at the edge via secure boot and root of chain implementations.

Silicon support services expertise


  • Bus: CAN-FD, LIN, Ethernet BroadR-Reach, MOST
  • 8,16 & 32 bit MCUs
  • Single/SMP/AMP MPU
  • FPGAs with SoCs
  • GPGPU architectures
  • NLP/DRP designs


  • OS and BSP Porting
  • Device driver development
  • UX/UI development
  • Protocol stack developments
  • Web App development


  • Secure Bootloader
  • Secure OTA
  • Device Encryption
  • Hardware Protection
  • Data Security


  • EVK Development
  • SoM/SBC Designs
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Compliance Testing
  • Mixed Signal Designs

SoM and evaluation kit development

Apart of early-stage silicon support services, after fabrication, Embien holds profound expertise in SoM Development, BSP & EVK Development, Carrier and Reference Board Development in hardware engineering and Firmware, Device Driver Development and application development in software and Multi-Million Gate Designs, Multi-Clock Domain, and Hybrid Design Implementations in FPGA designs.

Some of our recent success stories are,

  • Automotive Instrument Cluster reference design based on Renesas RH850 MCU
  • Evaluation kit development for eCockpit based on Renesas R-Car M3e SoC
  • Telematics and Control unit development kit based on RH850 MCU
  • CAN to BLE wireless module design based on NXP KW36A SoC
  • Wireless Communication card design for RH850 based Smart cluster
  • Secure bootloader for Renesas RH850 based systems
  • Hypervisor support on iMx8 and Nvidia Jetson platform
  • Pre-silicon validation firmware for Arm Cortex M based MCU

Our leadership team holds more than 2 decades of experience in developing advanced designs for all leading silicon vendors at various stages of silicon development.

Whether looking for semiconductor development support or evaluation kit development?
Avail our silicon support services offerings and expertise.

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