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Embien's Embedded Systems Services Portfolio

In today's digital world, electronics devices play a major role in every aspect of one's life. From a basic electronics alarm to a smart phone, from a motor cycle to an aero plane, from a simple injection molding machine to a fully automated assembly plant, electronic devices are embedded everywhere, that it is hard to imagine a life without them. In the past few years, to cope up with the challenges of market requirements, manufacturers of these products have to make them more intelligent and cost effective. Designing and developing such devices need a special set of skill that may not be a core competency of the companies and calls for reliable partners.

Known as a recognized leader in developing embedded systems and products, Embien Technologies offers its proven expertise and insights to help our customers meet their business goals. As a hard-core embedded development company working with diverse client base across multiple industry verticals, we are the right partners to walk with you in your product development journey. Our primary service offerings are described below to help you choose the way we can be engaged.

Turnkey Product Engineering Services

Developing any products, particularly electronic based, needs not only the skill but also an experience designing such devices to understand the nuances better. Domain knowledge is also critical as only with vision of how the product is going to be finally used, help design them better. At Embien, our turnkey product development services team has all of the above - rich technical knowhow, domain understanding and experience. We help our customer to benefit from our accumulated domain and technology expertise and enable them to innovate, create new products, reduce risks and reach markets faster. With our extensive post-development capabilities customers can manage large product portfolios and enhance their business performance.

Embien has worked with customers in different industries including consumer electronics, semiconductors, transportation, health care, automotive and industrial. Our offerings are

Product Engineering

Embien can manage entire product development life cycle from concept to sustenance and help create innovative products for multiple industry verticals. read more

Medical Devices Engineering

Having worked with major OEMs in medical instrumentation domain, we have mastered delivery of quality and standards compliant devices at shortest possible time. read more

White Label Manufacturing

Embien can design, develop and manufacture products in white label model that can be branded by customers as theirs reducing their risks significantly. read more

IoT and Embedded Development Services

Our engineers are ready to take up any complex task and accomplish them successfully. Embien offers its IoT/Embedded Development Services under different engagement models like on-site development, offshore development as per the customer requirements. As our primary focus is to keep our clients satisfied, we provide unraveled flexibility once committed and make valuable resources available at our customer's disposal on a full-time basis.

Our Comprehensive service offerings include

IoT - Internet of Things

We cater to the growing market segment developing Wearable, Gateways, Cloud and Mobile Apps etc. read more

Linux/Android Services

Specialized offerings including Virtualization, Customization, Boot Time Optimization, Power Reduction read more

Embedded Software Design

Embien's core strength - firmware, OS/BSP Porting, device drivers, middleware on all architectures. read more

Embedded Hardware Design

Embien's credentials includes Compact Footprint, High Speed Digital, Mixed Signal and Instrumentation designs. read more

FPGA Design

Our Team has worked in all major FPGAs and CPLDs developing designs of various complexities. read more

Corporate Training

Highly Customized Hands on training conducted by trainers in the field for more than 15 years. read more

Embien offers the best IT talent under different engagement models based on customer preference including risk/reward sharing models. Our models give unraveled flexibility for the customers to work with us while they concentrate on their core competence.

We have worked with big names in the industry across multiple verticals including Samsung, Renesas, Freescale/NXP, Wipro, Seco etc.

Our Team is ready to engage with you to help you reach greater heights. Feel free to explore our smart and customized embedded systems services offerings and reach us via our contact page.