SkyCase IoT Cloud Platform

Seamlessly integrates devices, data, and analytics, offering unparalleled connectivity, security, and intelligence for a diverse range of industries.
Up to 99.99% uptime SLA. Highly Flexible Plans.

Ready-to-use SkyCase IoT Cloud Platform

SkyCase IoT Cloud Platform is the IoT Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering from Embien to help industries adopt and realize the huge potential of digitalization. It offers full set of device management features, large data storage with multiple visualization options. With a rich set of industrial connectivity features, the industrial IoT platform allows devices with various IoT protocols like MQTT and HTTP to connect and collaborate.

On top of these standard features, SkyCase IoT Cloud Platform allows running AI/ML algorithms on the data and gain deep insights. SkyCase Platform provides unprecedent power to your Decision making and help in business success. Our solution is being used by organizations in the field of Smart manufacturing, Predictive maintenance, Agriculture, Connected vehicles, HVAC Systems and Healthcare.

Key features of SkyCase IoT Platform as a Service

Multi-Tenant Device Management

SkyCase is a multi-tenant architecture design that allows ease of device provisioning, monitoring and management of devices. Tenants and Customers can be managed along with device mapping.

Secure Data Management

Acquire data from devices over IoT protocols like CoAP, MQTT and HTTP over secure TLS channels and store them securely in the cloud for as many days you choose. Supports Secure FOTA Update.

Processing and Visualization

A variety of data processing features from simple script based to advanced AI/ML algorithms are supported. A vast library of widgets and dashboards are available for industry specific visualization.

Scalability and Reliability

As the SkyCase platform is based on Microservices design and is deployed over container architecture, it is automatically scaled up/down based on usage with high SLA of 99.99%.

SkyCase industrial IoT platform Applications

Embien has created ready-to-use applications on top of the SkyCase IoT Cloud platform to help organizations quickly provision their devices, start processing data and gain insights. Some of the key applications supported are.

Connected Car : With data from automotive Telematics Control Unit, it is possible to view the internals of the vehicle and understand its performance

Industrial IoT Platform: Developed to support critical life-safety industrial systems, this allows monitor of your devices and manage alarms, trigger events etc.

Smart Agriculture: Ready to use application for hydroponics use case that can seamlessly integrate our existing system and provides a bird's eye view of it.

Fleet Tracking: Integrated with Driver Monitoring System (DMS) allows managing of vehicles across your fleet along with recommendation for rest-stops, refueling etc.

These are some of the applications that are available on SkyCase industrial IoT platform. Many more applications can be created in a matter of days with our advanced IoT cloud platform.

Want a ready-to-use industrial IoT platform to quickly connect your devices and manage them?
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