Smart Automotive Manager - Connected mobility App

Smart Automotive Manager is the next generation of Connected Mobility app where the driver can have a seamless and distraction free interaction with his mobile phone when driving. Specifically targeted for two-wheelers and Electric Vehicles, the Smart Automotive Manager can communicate over Bluetooth, BLE and Wi-Fi and offers a rich set of functionalities like Turn-By-Turn navigation, Map Mirroring, Incoming Call Notifications and Control, Music Player controls etc.

Rider-friendly Smart Automotive Manager has been designed and developed by Embien for those OEMs who want to accelerate their vehicle’s feature along with their throttle of the bike. Available as white label Connected mobility app, it takes a very minimal time for customization and comes with the full set of features to position the OEM ahead of the competition. Our promise is that the SAM application will revitalize the market's legacy riding applications. We offer Connected cluster mobile app success by providing fascinating user interfaces, secure app code, and robust back ends.

Connected mobility App

Connected Cluster Mobile App – Features



Can work with both high-end TFT based clusters and low-end LED based clusters with seamless driver interface using touch screen and handle-bar buttons



Access vehicle data and understand the internals through telematics and logging features and push personalized messages and firmware to the drivers



Premium ride and integration features specifically for Powersports two-wheelers along with subscription-based feature activation and deactivation



Easy UI customization and choice of map integration from leading vendors with traffic updates, alternate routing and mobile based secure key-less entry feature

EVs and Two-wheeler smartphone integration

Embien has been a leading service provider for digital instrument clusters for over a decade. Backed by rich domain knowledge, our two-wheeler smartphone integration App provides an interesting interface and helps define the best purposes of the instrument Clusters. The connected cluster mobile app gives you the chance to experience the newest innovations and ideas in automobile connectivity.

  • Application Login with passcode protection/bio-metric authentication
  • E-Lock & Unlock options to ensure the safety of the vehicle
  • 'Quick Action' option for easy accessing
  • Service due date and new service booking option
  • Editable User profile along with drive records of the user
  • Rider can create/join to a group ride option along with their friends and families.
  • Current locations of the co-riders can be tracked by the Rider on a single window.
  • Drive summary details for the completed group rides

Designed specifically for Two-wheelers and EV's, the Smart Automotive Manager can be used with any class of instrument cluster and is validated with all major mobile phones in the world!

Already proven with leading OEM's and Tier 1s and integrated to leading MCUs, Embien offers post-launch support, compliance, security, and performance management along with cloud management services as well.

EVs and Two-wheeler smartphone integration

As an OEM are you looking for smart phone two-wheeler smartphone integration or a connected cluster mobile app?Grab the license for Smart Automotive Manager - Connected mobility app!

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