Embedded Solution Offerings

Embien's Solutions Architecture team, with more than a few decades of combined experience, envisaged and realized some COTS solutions to address the some of the demanding requirements of the industry. These feature rich products give the customers a competitive advantage by its high performance, quality standards and fast market time. Ranging from low cost ARM platforms to a high performance embedded GUI library and development tools, our offerings meet the needs across the spectrum of embedded product development. Some of our solution offerings are as follows:

Production Ready WinCE BSPs
Powered by Microsoft
Windows Embedded Compact BSP's from Embien are developed considering demanding requirements of the underlying platform with utmost quality allowing customers to concentrate only on their application development and bringing out their products in most timely and cost-efficient manner. Freescale Vybird VF6xx and Allwinner A20 BSP's available. More...

eStorm-L1 ARM Platform
Ready-To-Deploy Low-Cost ARM Platform
Powered by Freescale Kinetis KL25
eStorm-L1 is a low cost platform powered by a 48MHz ARM Cortex M0+ core. With its rich peripheral set, the processor is targeted to replace conventional 8-bit microcontrollers. The platform, designed for industrial data acquisition, has all the peripherals brought out for easy interface for existing applications. More...

Sparklet Embedded GUI Library
Graphical Library for Embedded Systems
Low Foot-print and Highly Configurable
With the requirement of having a Graphical User Interface is becoming a necessity for many embedded systems, Embien devoted its expertise in developing a high performance GUI library specifically for low resource environment. The result is the fine product christened 'Sparklet' with some of the best features packaged in a small footprint. More...

RAPIDSEA - Rapid Deployment Suite for Embedded Applications
Suite for Embedded Application Development
Deploy your embedded application in minutes!
RAPIDSEA is a unique suite from Embien that provides a complete ecosystem of software modules and configuration options to build embedded applications. The suite allows users to define the data objects for the application and code the ways to handle the data. It also contains multiple modules to address requirements of various industries. More...

Flint IDE for Sparklet/RAPIDSEA Developments
IDE for Sparklet and RAPIDSEA Developments
Eclipse Advantage for your development!
Flint is an Integrated Development Environment used for designing the RAPIDSEA system and the Sparklet screens. The IDE incorporates all the features necessary to design even complex embedded applications with the convenience of mouse and scripting language. More...