Sparklet - An Embedded GUI Library

We help build intuitive HMI's for a variety of cross-platform applications with our own GUI Library - Sparklet

Sparklet - An Embedded GUI Library

Intuitive HMI's made easy

Sparklet is a graphics engine library that transforms your embedded hardware into a user experience console. It performs well with any supported hardware and offers an intuitive user experience with its optimized rendering & hardware acceleration. It renders multiple pixel formats like Monochrome, 8, 16, 24bpp, indexed, etc., and displays transparent and semi-transparent pixels in alpha bitmaps. The layouts fit perfectly with any possible screen resolution & support almost all kinds of image file formats for synthesizing 2D to 3D models. We deliver Sparklet with high-quality, easy-to-read documentation.

Flint IDE is used to develop graphics for the Sparklet engine. Created by industry experts with decades of experience in embedded product development, Embien's Sparklet will help you get the most out of your MCU at a very minimal effort.

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Salient Features of Sparklet

Cross Platform Integration

Supports multiple OS and a variety of hardware : MCUs, MPUs and FPGAs

Flexible Design Methodology

UML inspired HSM architecture with drag and drop design approach

3D Graphics and Animation

Offers pixel perfect graphics, smooth animation and responsive transition effects

Customizable Widgets

A pack of 100+ ready to use widgets for easy GUI development of various HMIs

  • Industrial Automation - Interactive HMI's

    • Human Machine Interface
    • Industrial Monitors
    • Panel Mount Computers
    • Data Acquisition Systems
    • Boiler Management Systems

  • Automotive - Steer into a Fantasy World

    • Instrument Clusters
    • Vehicle Infotainment Systems
    • Dashboards
    • Bike Clusters
    • Rear Seat Entertainment
    • Heads Up Display

  • Consumer Electronics - Touch Lifestyles

    • User Interfaces for White Goods
    • Home Security Systems
    • Fitness Equipment Displays
    • Gaming Peripherals
    • Smart Wearables

  • HealthCare - Diagnose with Ease

    • Digital Vision Charts
    • Patient Monitoring Systems
    • Vital Sign Monitoring Systems
    • User Interface for Photo-Spectrometer
    • Video and Multi Parameter Acquisition from Operation Theatres

  • Mission Critical - Target with Precision

    • Aerial Mounted Displays
    • Dashboards for Simulators
    • HUDs in Fighter Aircraft
    • Video Trackers

  • Does Sparklet require any software skills to develop GUI screens?

    Sparklet is a codeless GUI developing tool that enables easy creation of HMI screen across domains

    Does Sparklet support all types of hardware platforms?

    Sparklet renders support for a variety of hardware right from low-end microcontrollers to high-end microprocessors and FPGA’s

    Is Sparklet a Royalty Free Tool?

    Yes, Sparklet is a Royalty Free Tool with one time IP purchase for one platform

    How many fonts does Sparklet support?

    Sparklet supports almost all the fonts that are available in a PC

    Can we add our own widgets?

    Yes, you can add your own widgets as well as customize existing widgets according to your requirement

    Is it possible to draw custom graphics?

    Yes, it is possible to draw custom graphic designs using a vast set of primitive drawing APIs

    Can we create UI's with multiple screens / hidden panels?

    Yes, UIs with multiple screens / hidden panels can be created using Embien's Flint IDE and Sparklet

    How many widgets are available in Sparklet?

    More than 100+ ready-to-use widgets are available for developing interactive UI's

    Which kind of output file format is supported by Sparklet?

    Sparklet supports binary, srec and hex file formats. It can be directly programmed onto the target without affecting other parts of the program

    Does Embien offer Sparklet with any trial versions and for how long?

    Yes, Embien offers Sparklet with a trial version of 30 days

    What is the preferred system requirement of Flint to develop for Sparklet GUI Library?

    Sparklet requires a 64-bit PC with at least 4GB RAM and 1 GB free hard disk space (or) a 64-bit Java 11 PC

High – performance, user centric application development with intuitive graphics

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