Sparklet Embedded Graphics Library

Royalty-free GUI development for embedded systems

Sparklet Embedded Graphics library– Overview

Sparklet is the cross platform, scalable GUI library developed by Embien for embedded systems for use in the consumer, industrial, medical, and automotive markets. Sparklet embedded graphics library offers a rich set of features that help create compelling graphics even for the most resource constraint devices.

Sparklet comes with integrated Flint UI Designer IDE to create the GUI designs with shorter span of time and achieve quicker to market. Without any expertise, users can build the complete GUI applications with three simple steps. Designs created in Adobe Photoshop or Blender can be readily imported and same magic recreated in the target. Even the no-code development approach of Flint can be leveraged to create a full story line without writing a single line of code.

Why Sparklet based GUI Development for Embedded Systems?

Low Memory Footprint

Sparklet run time consumes only a few hundred KBs of RAM and ROM and can be used in even lowest configurations

High performance

Carefully designed and written engine prevent wasteful rendering, reduce CPU/GPU usage and leverage hardware acceleration


In the market for more than a decade, Sparklet is trusted by many OEMs and Tier 1s across verticals


With no-recurring charges and per-piece cost, Sparklet is a one-time investment offering a high RoI

Royalty-free embedded GUI design with Sparklet

Recognized by OEMs and Tier 1s, the Sparklet is used for GUI development for embedded systems across Industrial HMIS, automotive clusters and cockpits, Smart appliances, avionics displays and medical devices. Many thousands of devices, powered by Sparklet, are already in the field for over a decade and some of them include:

  • Interactive Instruments Clusters
  • Vehicle Heads Up Displays
  • Automotive Dashboards
  • Vehicle Infotainment Systems
  • Industrial HMIs and Monitors
  • Boiler Management Systems
  • Smart Wearables
  • Home Security Systems
  • Digital Vision Charts
  • Medical device panels
  • Spectro-photometers
  • Smart appliances - refrigerators, washing machines
  • HUDs in Avionics
  • UAV rendering systems

Looking for a next-gen GUI development for embedded systems?
Check out our Sparklet graphics library for a royalty-free embedded GUI design.

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