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Sparklet Embedded GUI Toolkit - Advantages

Sparklet embedded graphics library comes with rich set of features that make it stand out of the competition. Together with Embien's royalty-free licensing, flexible support structure and domain expertise, customers can create awe-inspiring end-products.

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Embedded GUI development with Sparklet - Highlights

Intuitive GUI designer

A WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) based GUI designer helps create UI designs, build and run with Sparklet library. The entire process can be done with flick of mouse in Flint UI Designer IDE.

Scalable Architecture

The core design is scalability to configure from low footprint to large scale applications and from bare-metal Microcontroller based targets to multi-core processors with Linux OS.

GUI Widgets Library

Sparklet + Flint UI Designer IDE comes with preloaded GUI widgets that are crafted by Embien’s GUI designers. All the widgets come with ready-to-use by users with just configuring them.

Customizable UI widgets

Most of the designs for wide range of market applications can be achieved with the inbuilt GUI widgets. If needed, custom widgets can be created quickly and deployed.

Interactive Elements

Widgets like Slider, swipe buttons, carousels and animated image formats using JPEG/PNG formats help provide a mobile like experience to the users

Rich Animations

Sparklet support wide range of animations to provide users an informative and eye-catchy interactions including alpha blending, sliding in/out, pop in/out etc.

Simple Integration APIs

Sparklet embedded GUI toolkit along with Flint is designed for a Low code development approach. With a small set of 'C' APIs, the business logic can interact with the library.

Remain Up to date

Embien keep updating the features available to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the market. Our flexible License model offers customers to access to these newer features.

Multi-language Support

With support for Unicode fonts, right-to-left encoding, translation tables, Sparklet enable end-products being offered in any language of choice.

Development Support

Embien offers unparalleled support for its licensee's that the embedded GUI development be done at high speeds to realize amazing graphics.

RAPIDSEA Integration

Sparklet can be used together with our RAPIDSEA library to create full fledged products complete with functional modules, protocol stacks etc.

Code Quality

Sparklet is written by industry veterans with emphasis on quality. The Misra C compliant source is validated with leading SCA tools.

Want a feature-rich embedded GUI toolkit for your product development?Look no further - Try Sparklet based embedded GUI development today!

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