Sparklet - Portable embedded GUI

Realize 2D, 2.5D and 3D GUI in embedded systems!

Sparklet Embedded Graphics Library

With the market demanding intuitive UI across every class of embedded systems, Embien offers Sparklet across industry leading platforms and hardware. Such a wide support for architecture calls for variants in the runtimes, even though the Flint UI Designer and the APIs remain the same.

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Sparklet portable embedded GUI Variants

2D Rendering

For low cost MCUs without hardware accelerators, all the rendering are done using the highly optimized software ported for target MCU. Hand help panels, limited consoles can be realized using this variant.

2.5D Rendering

Modern MCUs such as the Renesas RH850, NXP iMx RT, Cypress Traveo have inbuilt GPUs that supports hardware based rendering to create 2.5D effects. Automotive Cluster, Industrial HMIs can be built with such platforms.

3D Rendering

Sparklet runtime leverages OpenGL to render 3D graphics on higher end processors typically running Linux OS. This enables advanced effects and high performance to implement Digital Twinning, AR/VR terminals etc.

Sparklet Supported Platforms


  • RH850 D1M1A
  • RH850 D1M1V
  • RX62N


  • iMX RT and series
  • Kinetis K Series
  • iMx6UL


  • Renesas RCar
  • NXP iMX8
  • NXP iMX6


  • STM32 MCUs
  • Microchip MCUs
  • Intel FPGAs

Are you looking for a portable embedded GUI library?Run Sparklet GUI in embedded systems!

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