Sparklet - Portable embedded GUI

Sparklet empowers you to design your embedded graphical user interface (GUI) on a variety of hardware platforms, granting you the flexibility to tailor your interface to your specific needs.

Sparklet Supported Platforms

Sparklet's distinctive architecture enables seamless compatibility with MCUs, crossover processors, and MPUs, offering you the flexibility to develop applications that cater to a broad spectrum of markets and embedded hardware. Our extensive array of runtime engines is finely tuned to exploit distinctive platform features, optimizing performance and harnessing the memory management functions inherent in the underlying system.
Mitigate the risks associated with your embedded project by implementing a GUI design and development framework that facilitates support for scalability across hardware platforms, ensuring ultimate flexibility in GUI design and longevity in product life cycle.

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Sparklet portable embedded GUI Variants

2D Rendering

For low cost MCUs without hardware accelerators or limited rendering engines, all the rendering are done using the highly optimized software ported for target MCU. Hand help panels, limited consoles can be realized using this variant.

2.5D Rendering

Modern MCUs such as the Renesas RH850, NXP iMx RT, Cypress Traveo have inbuilt GPUs that supports hardware based rendering to create 2.5D effects. Automotive Cluster, Industrial HMIs can be built with such platforms.

3D Rendering

Sparklet runtime leverages OpenGLES/Vulkan to render 3D graphics on higher end processors typically running Linux OS. This enables advanced effects and high performance to implement Digital Twinning, AR/VR terminals etc.

Your Hardware Not Listed?

Is your target MCU/MPU of interest not listed? No need to be concerned.
Embien continuously expands its roster of Sparklet supported processors. If your chosen hardware isn't mentioned above, please provide details about your specific target requirements. Share your information here, and we'll reach out to you.

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Supported Operating Systems

Sparklet offers the versatility to meet the diverse needs of various operating systems and embedded graphic projects. With compatibility across a broad spectrum of operating systems, Sparklet empowers you to pick the optimal OS for your embedded product, whether it involves a resource-limited microcontroller or a high-performance counterpart. Additionally, it allows for seamless transitions to adapt to evolving project requirements.

Amazon FreeRTOS

Azure RTOS






Bare Metal

Are you looking for a portable embedded GUI library?Run Sparklet GUI in embedded systems!

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