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Decades of experience in creating robust industrial and consumer electronic devices

Embien - ST Micro Expertise

Embien has been working with STMicroelectronics (ST Micro) devices - MCU's, MPU's and supporting IC's since its inception and have created numerous products that are being widely used in the field. Our expert engineers, with support ST Micro FAE's, have created challenging designs primarily in the field of industrial and consumer electronics.

ST Micro MCUs/MPUs - Embien Expertise



  • STM32H7A3
  • STM32H742/STM32H723
  • STM32L4S5
  • STM32F3



  • STM32MP157C
  • STM32MP133F
  • STM8 MCUs
  • STM32 Wireless



  • LIS3DH
  • ASM330LHB
  • L2G2IS



  • ST3232C
  • ST485AB
  • STUSB4710
  • TDA7491P & M41T81S

IoT and Connectivity

Secure IoT Gateway

Platform: STMicro STM32L4S5 MCU

Description: A low-cost serial gateway with multiple interfaces for acquiring data from various industrial devices and sensors. Protocol support included Modbus/RTU, Modbus/ASCII and custom request/response protocols. Cloud connectivity is enabled via cellular connectivity supporting Azure and AWS cloud. Provision for remote update using HTTPS. Entire firmware is protected with secure boot with root of trust established with SBSFU.

Modbus TCP to Modbus Serial Converter

Platform: STMicro STM32H742 MCU

Description: A compact design with RS485 serial and Ethernet interface for enabling communication between Modbus TCP and Modbus serial devices. This is an industrial grade device that performs intelligent protocol conversions that allows seamless communication without a need for changing the field devices. Embien integrated its own Modbus TCP and Modbus serial stack into the device and delivered complete tested device within a short period of time.

Multi-Channel Communication system

Platform: STMicro STM32H742 MCU

Description: A multi-connectivity device for centralized monitoring of each site at different remote locations. The hardware includes multiple connectivity’s such as GSM/GPRS, Ethernet for SMS/data connections. The software was designed to implement an intelligent routing protocol which continuously monitor all the available channels for the quality of service and choose them based on the availability and priority. A complex data tunnelling mechanism was also supported for simultaneous connection from multiple systems to log in and query data.

ST Micro IoT and Connectivity

Industrial Automation

Instrument Panel Key controller

Platform: STMicro STM32F3 MCU

Description: This device is a high precision key actuation system used for automated testing of instrument panels. Embien has involved in complete design and development of hardware, firmware, and mechanicals. Inhouse design of mechanicals includes lead screw and stepper motor-based assembly with 3 axis control for actuating a key or capacitive touch panel. PID control is integrated for precise control of stepper motor and includes an intelligent force protection mechanism to safeguard the keys or touch panels during fault conditions.

Production Management System Server

Platform: STMicro STM32H723 MCU

Description: A standalone central server device for a large-scale production management system. This device is combination of HMI with touch display and server database that acquires production information from the data acquisition device installed in various production lines and logs the same in the database. Apart from logging, more intelligent analytics are performed in order to present the production efficiency and prior predictions

ST Micro Industrial Automation

Other Domains

Smart Watch

Platform: STMicro STM32H7A3 MCU

Description: A rapid prototype development of 1.78 inch touch display based wearable with digital signal processing and low power operation. Integrated many different GUI screens including clock, menu, heart rate and health dashboard using Sparklet GUI library and Flint IDE. Sensor integration and business logic were carefully integrated to the firmware and run on the controller on a very low power mode. Graph widgets were added for ECG data and zoom in/out, and auto scale options were supported.

Medical Device Reengineering

Platform: STMicro STM32F423ZHT6 MCU

Description: Redesign of the existing product without affecting the product functionality and core logic. The device was powered by an MCU from different vendor which became obsolete. Embien hardware and software team was fully involved in understanding the complete functionality of the system and redesigned the same with the equivalent MCU from ST Micro. Hardware design includes circuit redesign and layout without affecting the dimension of the existing system. Software development involved porting of driver for USB, I2C, GPIOs, ADCs, SPI, PWM, Timer, CAN, UART, etc. Stepper motor driving logic were further optimized for better performance which involved implementation of trapezoidal control with PID.

Secure Boot on Ardupilot

Platform: STMicro STM32H753ZI MCU

Description: Quadcopter design based on multi-sensor and wireless communication for agricultural application. Hardware design based on open-source platform 'Ardupilot' with various sensors inbuilt for multiple purpose. Software design based on readily available open-source firmware from Ardupilot and customization has done on security aspects such as secure bootloader integration, secure firmware upgrade, secure data storage, etc., implementation of business logic on acquired sensor data's and customization of 'Q Control' PC based application for configuration/firmware upgrade.

ST Micro Medical

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