i.MX6 Based Single Board Computers –STELLA

Embien provides an i.MX6 based SBC STELLA application processor offering ARM Cortex™- A9 @ 1.2GHz Quad/ Dual/ DualLite/Solo core. STELLA module is ideal for intensive multimedia applications as it provides operational guidance in image capturing and processing. It supports machine vision technology by providing assistance in imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis for applications such as: industrial automation, process control and robotic guidance.
  • CPU name – i.MX6 NXP
  • RAM- DDR3 Up to 4 Gigabyte
  • CPU Clock (Max) - 1.2 GHz

i.MX6 based SBC STELLA module enables an integrated and flexible power delivery, scalable platforms for processing needs, multi- protocol industrial communication and interface solutions. STELLA module is ideal for uninterrupted data transmission. The Camera SerDes, Gigabit Ethernet and LVDS present on the board enables ultra high-speed bidirectional point-to-point data transmission. It helps reduce system size and cost while optimizing high-speed data transfer for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and unmanned vehicles.

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