Technology Consulting Services

Expert support for the highly specialized technologies to meet your development challenges and reach market faster.

Our Hi-Technology Consulting Services

To succeed in this competitive environment, business requires some highly developed expertise to drive operational efficiency, navigate through business complexities and adopt frequent technological advancements. Some of these requirements are very niche and keeping them in-house will be costly. Also, these may need a highly specialized team with decades of experience who can understand end to end and suggest solutions.

Embien has developed some of these skills internally and offers them to our customers to quickly help them out. Our experts have been working with these technologies for many decades and some of them are certified by reputable agencies. Also being development partners for leading silicon vendors and having access to in-depth support and pre-silicon releases, it cements our position as the leading consultants for such electronic based product development.

Embien's Niche Technology Expertise and Services

Camera Design Services

Our team has decades of experience in designing and developing some of the compact camera modules over interfaces like USB and MIPI CSI and fine-tuning the ISP for end applications.

Multimedia on Embedded

We have been supporting different multimedia formats and codecs on a plethora of embedded platforms with frameworks like GStreamer, V4L2, Live555, OpenMax etc.

Containerization for Embedded

Embien has been helping numerous OEMs adopt the containerization technology in embedded systems to enable scalable and flexible application development and deployment.

QT Application Development

We have a large team of QT application engineers who can help intuitive GUI designs on embedded systems for medical, industrial, consumer electronics and automotive HMIs.

Secure Bootloader for RH850

We offer Secure bootloader specifically optimized for RH850 that leverages the secure core to ensure that confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of running firmware.

Silicon Expertise

Embien has been working as Independent Design House and preferred development partner with all the leading silicon vendors including Renesas, NXP, Nvidia, Xilinx, STM32, Microchip etc.

Looking for a full spectrum of services for innovative strategies and effective implementation of cutting-edge technologies?Avail our Highly specialized Technology Consulting Services to achieve a faster time to market.

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