Embien provides an i.MX28 based SBC-TELICA offering ARM ARM926EJ-S™ core. It is designed to enable quick access to all the features offered by i.MX28 based GHITA. TELICA module is ideal for performing comprehensive evaluation, demonstration and prototyping for application development. SBC TELICA is interchangeable and reusable in nature and includes: an easy-to-use mass-storage device, a virtual serial port and classic programming and run-control capability.
  • Fiamma: System supported with kernel 3.14 e Yocto 1.7
  • Ghita: System supported with kernel 3.17 e Yocto 1.7
Serial Interface
  • UART 1 x RS232; 1X RS232/485
  • USB 1 x mini USB OTG; 1xUSB HOST
  • SPI x1
  • I2C x1
  • CAN Bus x1
  • 1 x Fast Ethernet
  • Output: Audio out amplified 1,5W @ 8Ohm
  • Input: Microphone Input
Input and Output
  • Isolated input x 2
  • Isolated Output x 2
  • GPIO generic x 7
Other Peripherals
  • GSM Module: GSM 3G ViKy Module

  • RTC: Real time clock integrated with battery backup integrated.
Electrical specifications
  • Power Supply: 12 V
Mechanical specifications
  • Dimensions: Format mini ITX 170×170 mm
Block Diagram

i.MX28 based SBC-TELICA is intended solely for experimental purposes. These modules offer a set of versatile interfaces such as: Resistive Touch Panel, 3G GSM module, audio interfaces, Ethernet etc., 3G GSM module present on the board enables seamless communication between the computing machine and the device. The Resistive Touch panel registers input from a fine point-of-contact while RTC emancipates the system from time-critical tasks.

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