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Testing is the most critical phase before the deployment of any product, as it ensures the quality of the offering. Improper or sloppy testing will cause product recalls and adversely affect the brand value. Also embedded systems testing is indeed a challenging task, as it depends upon high-level hardware and software. It also requires a lot of effort and thought process. Apart from this, external components such as mobile apps, cloud connections, electro-mechanical interfaces etc. also increase the level of complexity in testing.

Embien's TestBot is an ideal testing framework that aids in HIL (hardware in the loop) testing of the Device Under Test (DUT). As a combination of PC based software tool and customizable electro-mechanical/electronics test jig, it can test the hardware/software features of a variety of embedded products. It can validate any type of device or platform. With its vast library of test scripts, TestBot can start testing any application use case immediately with very little customization and configuration. With extensible features, it can program test software, run the tests, and reprogram the device with production software.

Though TestBot is well suited for production stage testing, it can also be used during product development to identify issues earlier & enhance quality.

Why TestBot for Embedded Systems Testing?

Java Powered

Available as a cross-platform tool based on Eclipse, the core engine is written in Java, one of the most widely used languages

Python Binding

Python binding is available making scripting possible for the latest generation of manual testers to quickly ramp up to automate testing

Test Agents

Testing modules or agent, responsible for executing test case, is available for variety of use cases and can be readily deployed

Customized Jigs

As a part of test automation solutions, Embien offers its services in customizing the test jigs to suit end user requirements.

TestBot for automated regression testing

While TestBot is well suited for production stage testing, it can also be used during product development to identify issues earlier and enhance quality. TestBot is used widely by development teams in various industries as the preferred automated regression testing tool to validate the system as a whole or only sub-system impacted. It is used as a part of agile development process to validate the output of each release cycle. With its ability for remote management, TestBot API testing framework can be made as part of CI/CD model and can be seamless integrated to Jenkins, Atlassian Bamboo, GitHub/Gitlab etc.

TestBot hardware in the loop tool can do performance testing and reliability testing on the DUT. Internal metrics like system performance, CPU/RAM/ROM utilization, disk usage etc. can be monitored and issues identified. Significantly improve test coverage and can be made a core part of embedded software development practice offering a High RoI.


Use Cases of TestBot automated testing framework

Automotive Testing

Check out how TestBot is being used by leading OEMs and Tier 1s to validate their automotive products.

Industrial Testing

As an ideal EoL testing tool, any type of industrial equipment or system can be validated

IoT Device Validation

Verify the complex functionality of IoT devices with interactions and load testing with TestBot

Looking to accelerate and qualify your Digital Transformation journey?Try TestBot automated testing framework for your embedded systems testing

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