TestBot automotive testing system

TestBot finds wide acceptance as automate testing tool for validating different aspects of automotive electronic devices. Embien, with its long history in automotive domain, has seen the challenges faced by manufacturers during their device production journey. With limited availability of skilled labor, manual quality checks are sometimes too unreliable. To overcome this, Embien has deployed TestBot automotive testing system in production environments whereby the system is thoroughly validated.

Various kinds of data like mock vehicle messages over CAN, speedometer inputs via encoders, resistive inputs for Fuel gauges, ignition/battery inputs etc. can be provided to the DUT via TestBot. Even capacitive touch interfaces can be validated using Testbot's stylus feature.

With our advanced visual inspection system, all aspects of the device like LCD displays, Gauges, Telltale indicators, test information, etc can be validated to a high accuracy. End to end testing can be done with click of a single button.

TestBot for HIL testing in Automotive Products

Cluster Validation

With capability to feed in CAN vehicle data, digital/analog inputs, the performance of both stepper-motor based gauges and LCD text-based gauges can be validated

TFT Cluster Testing

Automotive HMI testing with advanced video inspection helps to test both static graphics output and dynamic transition UI for gauges, progress bars, on-screen telltales, and widgets.

Connected Cluster Testing

With in-built BLE and Wi-Fi support, connectivity features of the cluster can be validated. Even GPS data be fed to system and TBT/navigation modules functionality verified.

ECU Validation

Support for electro-mechanical interface and protocols like UDS, SAE J1939 etc. can help in asserting the conformance to design specification of ECU functionalities

TCU Testing

Telematics Control Units need end-to-end testing support and TestBot can reliably check if the input to the TCU is reflected in the cloud in the expected way

Infotainment System Testing

Complex test cases of Infotainment system like user interactions, connectivity, multiple applications, audio/video playbacks, physical buttons, steering wheels etc.

TestBot for Automotive Regression Testing

As a regression testing tool, TestBot can be used to feed simulated vehicle data and used to find issues early in the development cycle. Our customers have found significant improvements in quality of their deliverables post deploying TestBot for their regression testing.

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