TestBot - industrial testing solution

Qualification of instruments and end of line testing can be done with Embien's TestBot industrial testing solution backed by our expertise in the domain.

Take advantage of TestBot for your product validation, assure quality and increase brand value.


Why TestBot for End of Line Testing?

Protocols Support

Rich support for industrial protocols like BacNet, Modbus TCP/RTU, Ethernet/IP, Profibus, OPC UA all in both client-server/master-slave modes

UI automation testing

Easily validate UI outputs of devices by feeding in changes in physical buttons, touch panels, orientation etc. just like how manual testing works.

IO validation

With customizable test rigs/jigs, digital and analog signals of different frequencies, amplitudes, duty cycles and patterns can be given, and outputs observed similarly..

Reduce risk for the users and increase Quality AssuranceUse our TestBot industrial testing solution for end of line testing today

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