TestBot - Industrial Testing Solution

Most industrial devices are used in safety critical applications and defects in design may endanger human lives. This calls for a reliable quality assurance plan and the onus on the testers is high. As manual testing has it own limitations like less accuracy, error-prone, tiresome, automated testing frameworks like TestBot are the preferred choice. While there is some effort in integrating automated testing in the process, the returns are significant.

TestBot, by design, can be quickly integrated to the validation process of industrial devices due to its independent nature. Even adding it as a part of CI/CD pipeline is easy with just a few lines of script changes enabling automated software testing. Our TestBot comes loaded with a vast collection of standard test cases and validation scripts that can be leveraged to test mostly any kind of device.

Why TestBot for End of Line Testing?

Protocols Support

Rich support for industrial protocols like BacNet, Modbus TCP/RTU, Ethernet/IP, Profibus, OPC UA all in both client-server/master-slave modes

UI automation testing

Easily validate UI outputs of devices by feeding in changes in physical buttons, touch panels, orientation etc. just like how manual testing works.

IO validation

With customizable test rigs/jigs, digital and analog signals of different frequencies, amplitudes, duty cycles and patterns can be given, and outputs observed similarly..

Assured qualification of instruments

With its sophisticated reporting and analytics feature, TestBot industrial testing solution can generate reports in a clean and understandable way. The dashboards are highly intuitive and can be easily able to pin-point the failure points. Even the interface is easy to use and people with very limited technical knowledge can use it. End of line testing is never easier before TestBot.

Because of these advantages, TestBot finds wide application for qualification of instruments and equipment validation in pharmaceutical industry, testing of electro-magnetic flow meters, fire and safety systems, access control systems, tinting machines, data loggers, protocol converters, data acquisitions systems etc.

Reduce risk for the users and increase Quality AssuranceUse our TestBot industrial testing solution for end of line testing today

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